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Nicole and James

Angola, NY

Our first date was HORRIBLE. “Great! After finally working up the courage meet a complete stranger with whom I have only spoken to through email, he stands me up.”  Something about him made me believe that he was different but why did he not show up? After talking to him I soon learned he was feeling the same thing. You see we were both there; we just somehow missed each other. We decided to give it one more try and this time we talked until the restaurant closed. I did not want our evening to end.

We were taking my daughter to the see the ocean for the first time and falling in love. Driving home from Boston a song came on the radio Kenny Chesney “Me and You” and I looked at him thinking this will be our wedding song. Within a year I was dancing to that exact song and toasting champagne in glasses inscribed with “Perfect Harmony”. It has now been three years since our first date. Every morning I am greeted with the sounds of three beautiful children. Each night I feel butterflies in my stomach as my husband kisses me good night.

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