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Amber and Joseph

Alvarado, TX

Well I had all but given up on finding the right man for me and for my 2 daughters Zoe 8 and Alaiyah 5. Joseph and I were matched in September or October of last year. We talked through email on here for a while and I didn’t really think that anything would happen I just never seemed to have good luck with men in general. From the email we went to the phone and then eventually our first date 2 months later.

He gives me a sense of closeness and he is my very best friend. He makes me laugh and we can be silly together or serious together. I love his upbeat and charming personality. He is laid back but at the same time gets everything done that he needs to and has planned to do. He compliments me and is a gentleman to his core. I am an outgoing person who just wanted to find my soul mate, my destiny the man I was meant for and a bit of a romantic. I don’t have to put on an act with him I can be myself and he will love me no matter if I am having a bad day,  if I am sad, or a little  big for the dress I wore at Christmas the year before. I am who I am and he brings out the best in me and I bring out the best in him.

He was the first man I dated that didn’t try to change me. We laugh and begin to smile at one another because we knew what the other one was thinking before they said it out loud. We couldn’t thank you enough and when I look back on it I’m glad that I kept going on this website to see if I had any new messages because had I not I would have never found the love of my life. We were married privately by ourselves May 30th this year in south Texas and we had our traditional wedding where our family could join us June 28th at this quaint Country Chapel in Cleburne TX. It was our dream wedding and just the way we wanted it and very Western. Anyone on here who is not having the best of luck keep trying and do not give up.


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