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Jeanette and Daniel

Pasadena, CA

It all happened about three years ago. I was a single parent of a young child, and all my time had been focused on my daughter. My personal life was nonexistent. When I decided I wanted to begin dating again, I knew that eHarmony was my only option.

When I joined, I met a few individuals, but never went on any dates. Then I met Daniel, also a single father. It was chemistry from the beginning. His initial emails made me laugh, and put a huge smile on my face. After emailing, we spoke on the phone and we both acknowledged the connection and the excitement. We shared the same sense of humor and our personalities just seemed to compliment one another. Then, we finally met.

Our first date was incredible. We spent that night talking over dinner from appetizers, to main course, to dessert, to coffee, and more coffee. The connection we had felt through emails, and on the phone, was now even more intense. Daniel was attentive and engaging. I also remember him gently holding my hand on the way back to the car, and the sweet kiss on my cheek at the end of the night. We continued dating and both quickly agreed to withdraw our profiles from eHarmony. We talked about the strong feelings we were experiencing, and wondered if it was puppy love, or something more. We both secretly hoped that the powerful bond was real. And it was! Six months, and then a year went by and Daniel and I were still madly in love. We would we leave little notes and cards for each other, talk on the phone several times a day, took weekend trips away, and just sat talking with one another. Daniel and I truly cherished every moment together and were both smitten. We also had a smooth transition introducing our children to our relationship, which only further solidified our love.

I admired Daniel for his dedication to his son, and his affection, honesty, and respect for my daughter and me. Through this all, I knew that Daniel and I were kindred spirits. Then one evening in August 2006, Daniel took me to the same restaurant he had taken me on our first date. Daniel recreated that first night together, food and all. It was even a more magical moment then the first, ending with a marriage proposal! After a, “Yes of course I will marry you”, we came home and celebrated with our children. We were married on February 15, 2007 in a small ceremony with our closet friends and family. We have established our family, and have continued to grow and learn from one another. And while no relationship or family is perfect, we are prepared to face anything due to the strong foundation that we have created, with a little help from eHarmony. And, I can happily say, that I continue to laugh and smile with Daniel as I did reading his first emails from three years ago! We are truly a success story!

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