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Laurel, MD

Dear eHarmony,

Laurie and I were matched on May 18th, 2006. From the very beginning the questions and answers, the haves and have nots were almost too good for us to believe. To actually meet someone with so much in common and who shares the same values and interests. About two weeks into the questions back and forth, we found out we had even more in common. My son and Laurie’s daughter are classmates. My son saw her daughter’s picture posted with her mom as we were looking at her profile. It wasn’t for a week later that my son mentioned he said something to Shelby, and found it was her mom. Meanwhile Laurie and I were already working through the stages becoming more and more interested in each other.  

It was Shelby that convinced her mom to call me. We talked that first night for about an hour. The best part of eHarmony was having that security blanket; we already knew so much about each other, it was like talking to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. We talked about how by chance, fate or accident we actually made our match. Laurie thought she closed out her account, but only for new matches. If it wasn’t for that simple mistake, we probably would never have met or been matched.  

We finally met in person the first time on June 13, Figured we would meet for an hour or so on her deck to talk and have a glass of wine. When we met I thought she was wonderful from the start. We talked for hours and hours, 6 to be exact. The evening just drifted away, neither realized we talked for over 6 hours. We talked about the kids, our families, our past relationships, what we are about and what we are looking for in a soul mate. It was the most wonderful, easy and refreshing conversation we had ever had. Since we did have work that morning and the evening had vanished, we had to say good night. We both said goodbye and how much we enjoyed the evening. We couldn’t help but to stare into each others eyes, we hugged goodbye, we could not let go, we must have hugged for 20 minutes. At that moment a warmer and more calming feeling that we had ever felt in a long time came over both of us, the realization of a deeper connection from that moment. It was totally amazing.  

We continued to talk and see each other in the weeks to follow, with every conversation, with every date, we come to realize this chance match was growing into a wonderful relationship. We have a very open relationship; we talk about everything and anything. We have spent many hours talking about how scary this relationship has been, in a good way. Because we are matched so well, everything has been so easy, we talk, we have fun with the kids, we all go out- we never stop smiling. This whole relationship has been so amazing and wonderful from the start, “it is scary” (Laurie’s favorite quote to explain it).  

We have since started to relax and accept this wonderful, special relationship. The problem is, with each new thing we experience together, we share the wonder, the amazement and the LOVE between us continues to grow stronger and stronger. Our family, the kids, our friends and co-workers have seen the difference that falling in love has made in us and how it reflects out to everyone else around us. July 27, 2006 a date to remember, the day we both realized that the wonderful, amazing, scary feelings we were feeling for each other was LOVE. A love more deep, more warm and more amazing that we have felt in a long, long time. A love that we are thanking eHarmony and our children for. For if it weren’t for you three, this amazing LOVE story would not have had a beginning.  

This is how Laurie refers to this whole event, “Our Amazing Love Story, Chapter 1”. It truly is.  We were engaged in November and the feeling we get every time our eyes first meet, the smile that is permanently on her face, holding hands, hugging (especially the hugs), kissing, saying “I love You”, talking and dreaming about what is in our future. A future that we can’t imagine without each other. So yes, this love story is just beginning but we hope, pray, and feel deep inside that many more chapters will unfold making this the most Amazing Love Story of our life.  

eHarmony, we wanted to thank you for your part in helping making our match and the love we now share for other. Without your help we would have never realized we had so much in common and probably never even met. Our children attend the same school and we only live a couple miles apart. We have probably passed each other at school, on the street or in the super market many times; not realizing that the most wonderful, amazing love of our life had just passed by. Without your help, I would not have ever met the love of my life and my soul mate. So, thank you again.

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