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Joel and Melissa

Nashville, TN


It is hard to put into words what your site has helped both my wife and I to accomplish.  She and I were matched and through your thorough and helpful process, we decided to meet about a month later.  When we met, it was all of the things that are usually described when you meet your soul mate.  Our lives were instantly changed and both she and I have remained the happiest that we have ever been in our lives since we met.

Beyond the typical stories that you may receive about people that have been married through your site, I believe our case to be a whole lot more.  My wife and I had a really tough time throughout most of our lives and your site was the catalyst for a change that can only be described as perfect.  Our lives, the lives of our friends and families were all affected positively.  I have a new mom and dad that have accepted me and my children as though they were their own.  It is a life that is fulfilling and I feel proud to wake up each day and know that I have everything that I need now.

You provide something that is perhaps the most important aspect to this life- a strong partner.  Your direction and setup changed us forever and for that, we will forever be grateful.


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