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Jennifer and Shawn

Lagrange, KY

Just a brief letter to thank e-harmony.  I'll start with my story.  I was tired of meeting the wrong men!  I tried all the usual ways to meet a man and had yet to meet the ONE.  I had even stopped looking because as the saying goes you'll meet the right one when you stop looking.  I had friends telling me to try eHarmony for about a year and I kept saying no.  Even my parents kept bugging to meet someone nice on eHarmony.  I didn't believe in internet dating.  It seemed a little desperate in my mind and I wasn't desperate.  I didn't have a problem meeting men, just the wrong ones.

Then I had a friend tell me that her sister met a man she married on eHarmony.  This made me wonder.  I kept hearing all the success stories of eHarmony.  This made me even more curious.  Then after another bad date I couldn't take it anymore.  I decided to fill out the profile and see what happens.  Immediately after filling out my profile I hit enter and up came one face.  He seemed nice in the picture but not the kind I usually go for.  I talked to others for a few days but kept coming back to the very first face.  I went to a friend’s house and she and her daughters begged me to write him.  I did.  This was Shawn and almost immediately I knew this was different. 

Let’s start with the picture.  The room he was standing in was painted in the same colors as my living room and kitchen.  There was a picture of a daisy behind him (my favorite flower).  We decided to meet at a coffee house in town.  I knew when he walked in I was going to like him.  But then after sitting for a couple of hours I knew I was very interested.  Here is the funny thing.  In retrospect we both laugh that we were created for each other by eHarmony.  We are perfect in every way for each other.  The similarities are sometimes mind boggling.  My friends and I laugh because on the first date I realized we both wore brown and we matched.  Second date black and we matched (funny!).  On the second date Shawn and I were talking about how we enjoy a good beer or two and like to try different kinds (this wasn't in our profile.) He said that his favorite beer they don't make anymore and it’s from Seattle and made with coffee.  This really freaked me out because all my friends know that my favorite beer is Redhook Double Black Stout and its made with coffee and is from Seattle.  When I told him this he couldn't believe (it’s the same) I know that sounds silly but it's a very obscure beer. 

We both love music and theater, over the past year we have attended more concerts than either of us had in our past.  I truly enjoy every moment I spend with him.  We met online in October, met first time in November 2007.  We love to travel and became engaged on a cruise to Belize, Roatan, Cozumel, and Key west in November of 2008.  I married my soul mate on May 2nd of this year and we went on a Honeymoon of our dreams to Italy immediately after. 

Finally I would also like to add that I have a daughter who is ten by a previous marriage.  She loves Shawn.  She has made a joke as well that eHarmony did a great job finding a step-dad for her.  He met all the requirements she was looking for as well and she knows he makes me (as she would put it) disgustingly happy!  

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