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Angel and Brian

Louisville, KY

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful service! Here is my story:

I have been single for most of my adult life, mostly by my choice. I always said to everyone who asked why I was still single that I was waiting for "The One". The one who I could completely be myself with, whom I could trust completely, be in a meaningful relationship with and someone whom I could ultimately marry. Most people would sort of shrug me off and say "good luck". I think they all thought I was crazy.

I had been through some changes in my personal life and moved 1000 miles away from my hometown. I left the comforts of home and family, to now only having one family member nearby and no friends. I slowly made friends, but started to feel like I was ready to find that "One" that I had been talking about all of these years.

I had tried your service first and didn't really have any luck. I got discouraged and canceled my account. I then tried multiple other online dating sites and found that it was a meat market mentality and I had no luck or very bad luck with people who had ulterior motives or were not who they said they were. I had begun to think that maybe the "One" wasn't meant for me. I had a conversation with a friend who asked me to please not give up and she promised I would find him eventually.

I finally decided to sign up one last time to eHarmony. Most matches on your site seemed more mature and ready for a relationship. I hoped for the best and promised myself that I would not get discouraged and just be patient. I had been a member for a month or so when I got a communication from Brian Wilkins. I read his profile and thought that he could be interesting to talk to, but half expected it to not go very far, given my past bad experiences with online dating. We went through all of the steps necessary to get to open communication and started chatting. Your site warned of not moving too fast, but we both immediately felt that something was different.

Brian introduced me to his children, whom he lived with and I started to feel like I had the family I was longing for. Brian and I had planned a weekend away to Gatlinburg, TN. This was going to be our first vacation together - just him and I. I was so excited and he had been nervous (which at the time, I couldn't understand why). We rented a small cabin and arrived on July 25, 2008. We had plans to go to a nice romantic dinner that evening, followed by shopping and sightseeing. We enjoyed our dinner and took a causal walk to see some of the sights. We came upon a small wooden footbridge over a quiet mountain creek and decided to stop and enjoy the scenery. He had asked me to turn around and look at the beautiful mountain views behind me. I looked at them and thought how wonderful they were and turned around to tell him so and he was on one knee, asking for my hand in marriage. I was shocked! I knew he was "The One", but never expected a proposal this soon, or out in public, in Gatlinburg, TN! My romantic reply to him was "Are you serious?" After catching my breath and realizing what had happened, I said yes!

Thank you eHarmony for giving me the life and family I had always hoped for!

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