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Sam and Debbie

Kaysville, UT

My name is Sam and I am 42. My wife Debbie is 37. We have 6 kids between the two of us from 11 to 21. Brock 11, Taylor 14, Cassidi 17, Jordan 18, Sarah 20 and Josh 21. We now live in Kaysville Utah. Debbie and I started communicating on eHarmony just after one month of subscription for me. I was actually going to stop my subscription after one month of testing it out but forgot to cancel. Debbie just started her subscription after losing a bet with her boss at work on a pool game. The bet was.... if you lose then you subscribe to an online dating service and find a man outside of your current influence.

We both just came out of some tough relationships and really were not looking for long term anything. Certainly we wanted companionship so we were looking for something thank goodness. We went through all of the steps and started calling each other and immediately hit it off. We spent hours and hours on the phone talking about anything and everything. We lived 80 miles apart so meeting each other had to wait a week so we got to know what kind of connection we had just on the phone. I was totally mentally involved with Debbie by this point already. It was all I could think about every day. Every night for a week we would call and visit until midnight or later.

Finally, we decided to meet. I had to drive an hour to get to her and what an hour that was.... nervous, excited.... kind of a mess I was... haha. Single moms have a lot to worry about and protect. I pulled into the parking lot and saw her car and my hands got sweaty immediately. I got out of the car and started walking towards her and she got out of the car and we met eyes, big smiles and hugged a deep hug. I was in heaven. I said to myself, "This is the most beautiful woman in the world". I was a puddle of mush.

She took me on a hike in a populated area in the mountains and she kissed me when we were on top of Cub River just over the border in Idaho. WOW. We went back into town and had a couple of drinks at the local bar and I met a few of her friends and went home. I emailed my parents that night and I told them I just met the most beautiful woman in the world. I kept that email. The next day I came back up and met her kids and from then on it was all over. I have been totally enamored and in love with my new woman ever since.... still am. Her kids are so incredible and welcomed me with open arms.

We started looking at rings and I bought one a couple of weeks later without her knowing. I kept it hidden in my car not knowing how or when I would ask this incredible lady to marry me. Finally, a week or two later, an opportunity. She wanted to go on a hike to Cub River. I thought to myself "perfect... this is it this is it... the place where we first met and kissed!!"  So during that whole next day, Debbie invited her kids, friends and seemed like whoever she ran across... "Want to go to Cub River with us?"  In my mind I am thinking "no no no", which I would have been fine with... I would have just waited a bit longer, however, now I have the perfect place in mind to ask her to marry me. So, as it turned out, everyone turned us down... so we went alone. Perfect! 

Off we go on our walk and come to the spot of our first kiss and sat down on some rocks right at the edge of the river. I was sitting right at her knees just below her looking into her eyes holding her..... another perfect moment. So I look deep into her eyes and ask "Debbie will you marry me and complete me for the rest of my life?"  She responds nonchalantly "sure, do you want to marry me??"  I said "YES" but I was kind of set back by her calmness and her moving on to talk about something else (we have talked about getting married before). So I proceed and change the subject back..... I said, "can I put a ring on your finger?"  She asked calmly "you have a ring?" then her eyes got bigger as if she suddenly realized what just happened "YOU HAVE A RING????" .... before I could answer, she talks again "YOU HAVE A RING ON YOU RIGHT NOW???????" I was finally able to talk and I said "Yes I have a ring right now" so I pulled it out of my pocket and put it on her finger. We both embraced and cried and sat there for a while holding each other.

We flew to Kentucky to introduce her to my parents and my Father married us in a very nice home wedding in Kentucky on October 10th 2008. We finally went on our Honeymoon January 23rd to Cozumel Mexico and had the time of our lives.

Thank you eHarmony.... you have changed my life forever!! I met my best friend and life time love on your site. I am so incredibly happy.

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