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Shelley and Tim

Hampden, ME

I had been divorced for quite some time (over five years) and had despaired of ever finding someone special here in Maine.  My brother had met someone on an online dating site, so I decided to try it.  I met a few people here in Maine, but nothing really clicked, so I decided to enlarge my area to the entire country. 

After maybe six months,  I met this amazingly intelligent, in-depth, funny man from Pennsylvania, who had been looking for someone as well.  His humor came out immediately in his profile, as my desire for “verbal sparring” came across in mine!  A perfect match! 

Not only did our senses of humor mesh, but our values, our spirituality, our backgrounds of being raised in other countries (me in the military; Tim as a missionary in the Persian Gulf), our love of writing, literature, movies, travel, great food.   We simply had SO much in common.  There was so much to base a real relationship on -- rather than the usual dating protocol -- which is physical attraction often followed by disillusionment when you realize the relationship is based on something shallow.

The people we’ve seen on your ads are absolutely right -- we felt that we really knew each other before we’d actually seen each other.  After emailing and talking for four months, we were definitely flirting with the idea that we could actually fall in love with someone we’d never actually seen.  I knew him better than I knew many of my friends by the time we arranged a face to face meeting.  The relationship was already in place by the time the physical attraction kicked in.

There is no doubt that I would NEVER have met Tim without your site.  Even had I met him in my local church, I’m not sure I would have been drawn to him.  It was the unique process of your site that peeled the layers back so that I could see what I was really looking for, and the type of person who would meld with me. 

We met online in May of 2006, engaged in a long distance courtship between Maine and Pennsylvania, and got married in July of 2008.  We have no doubt that the early foundations we created by meeting this way have been instrumental in helping our relationship thrive even despite living in different states,  and now long-distance as he is deployed in Iraq.  By the time he returns in February 2010, we will have solidified a relationship based upon the trust and common interests we established first through your website.  We feel truly blessed.

Initially shy about sharing our story, I have to tell you, now I share it with everyone and highly recommend it to those who are searching.  If more people met this way, and had this strong of a foundation, I think there would be fewer unhappy endings. 

Thank you again!   

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