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Sarah and Jared

Marquette, MI

I was in a relationship for 3 ½ years to a guy that I was constantly arguing with.  He wasn’t a bad guy; we just didn’t have anything in common beyond our initial attraction.  We tried making the relationship work, but finally realized that it just was not meant to be.

My grandpa (bought me a copy of the book by Dr. Neil Clark Warren about eHarmony, his reason for starting the dating service and his theory about matching people up based on compatibility rather than simply on initial attraction.  The book made a lot of sense and I was intrigued.  I took the eHarmony personality profile test and made a profile for my account and right away began receiving matches; however, I was still not convinced that I needed a dating service to find Mr. Right.

It wasn’t long after joining that I met a very nice young man from Chicago and dated him for approximately six months, things didn’t work out, but he was definitely a nice guy and we did have quite a bit in common.

Almost immediately after our breakup, I joined eHarmony once again.  I decided that I’d rather meet someone that I have a lot in common with and similar values, and was also looking for a serious relationship rather than randomly meeting someone within my community and date based on attraction.  As a friend of mine who also used eHarmony said, “eHarmony is a great place to find a mate; there are just so many choices.  It’s like shopping!”

The end of June, 2008, I was matched with a young man named Jared.  He contacted me and we moved through all of the steps of getting to know each other very quickly.  It wasn’t long before we moved from communicating through eHarmony to writing emails, to talking on the phone and finally meeting in person.  Our first phone conversation took place only about a week or two after receiving him as a match and we talked for about two hours.  We talked every day after that on the phone for the next week ranging anywhere from 1-4 hours in length (and I do not normally enjoy chatting on the phone).   We decided to meet in person shortly after our phone conversations began.

It was amazing how calm both of us were about meeting for the first time.  We had talked on the phone so much and with such ease that I felt like I was meeting my best friend.  We became inseparable after that seeing each other almost every weekend.

I later found out from my mom, and my grandpa later confirmed that Jared unknowingly proposed to me on my grandparent’s wedding anniversary in which they were married on Sunday, March 1st. 

Thank you for all you do at eHarmony, I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing you are to our lives. 


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