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Mike and Katie

Burlingame, CA

Our eHarmony story is truly a miracle, because neither of us has ever met another person in the world who has gone through quite what each of us has gone through to be alive today; and yet, even if it weren’t for these common experiences we’d be a perfect match.

We connected through e-Harmony in August, 2008, and are now engaged to be married this coming August, 2009.  What a year it’s been so far! 

Our common histories:
Feb. 21, 1992:  A near fatal ski accident in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada left me, then nearly 17 years old, with a hematoma in my left frontal lobe needing immediate brain surgery, 7 jaw fractures, a badly broken nose and a broken cheek bone.  An emergency helicopter ride that night from the mountain, and the head of neurosurgery at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, saved my life with surgery that night and sent me into a coma.  I stayed in a coma for 6 days, and my family and friends were told that based on the severity of my injuries and coma that I would never be the same again.  Months in hospital and re-habilitation and the amazing support of family and friends enabled me to recover; returning back to high school to graduate on time; to go to university for mathematics; and now to work in Silicon Valley in Northern California in product marketing.

Apr. 25, 1998:  The morning after prom in San Jose, California, at the age of 18, Katie and 5 friends were involved in an awful, high-speed, highway car accident that flipped their vehicle many times and left Katie with a traumatic brain injury, fractured skull, punctured/collapsed lungs, severe neck and spinal cord damage, and in a 3-month long coma.  Doctors saved her spine with cutting edge technology and surgical procedures that had never been performed before.  She was paralyzed on her left side for more than a year.  She has learned to walk again, and over the span of years has fully recovered, and now walks 18 miles every Saturday with her mom, because she can!

Throughout each of our recoveries, the love and support of family and friends were paramount to helping us each come through to live complete, enriching, and wonderfully blessed lives again.

Aug. 5, 2008:  Dr. Warren’s system connected two people whose characters, personalities, spirits, passions, and energies make us a miracle of matches!

Aug. 7 – Aug. 24, 2008:

I was busy with family-related travel to Toronto to my sister’s wedding and seeing my brother’s newborn baby and going camping with family.  But something about Katie’s fresh attitude and honesty and her beautiful eyes and smile in her profile kept me very in tune as we went through our Guided Communication process across borders.  We were great at keeping in touch for those few weeks in August. 

We were excited to talk by phone for the first time when I got back into town on August 23rd and we made plans to get together on Sunday evening, August 24th.  I made reservations at the Beach Chalet on Ocean Beach on the west side of San Francisco so that we could have a drink with a nice view of the ocean, before our dinner with a sunset view.

It was truly amazing how well we got along immediately, and how much our views on the world and our values and beliefs lined up.  I couldn’t get over her bright blue eyes and her shining smile all night, and how adorably cute and beautiful she is.  I could sense that she was also feeling a certain chemistry between us as well.  We were making each other laugh and having a tremendously special time.

We had each decided that the stories of our recoveries were not appropriate in the early stages of dating; and certainly not on a first date!  But I felt comfortable asking her about the scar on her neck, and she surprised herself when she felt comfortable telling me all about her accident and her years of recovery.  She says she was confused and concerned to see my eyes begin to well up with the beginning of a few tears as she talked about the amazing support of her family and friends that helped her through those years.  Katie had no idea at that point how empathetic and connected I could possibly be feeling with her story and the joy of her recovery and full life today.

Aug. 25 – Dec. 28, 2008:

Over the weeks following our eHarmony connection, Guided Communication fun, and wonderful first date, we began to discover what truly perfect matches we are, in our senses of humor; empathy for others; passion for new music, tastes, experiences and fun; and our common love of family.  We have so much fun at concerts such as Dave Matthews, wine tastings in the bay area, taking up new sports such as golf and skiing, and meeting each other’s friends and family.

Katie was able to come home for Christmas vacation with me to meet my extended family around Toronto, Canada, and they all loved her immediately.  They got along as if they’d always known each other!  She met 25 of my family on Dec. 27th and 35 old friends on Dec. 28th and she was the hit of both parties!  Now we’re very excited to share our lives in the future between family in Toronto and family in the SF bay area.

We want our wedding to be in celebration of everything that has made us who we are today.  So we’re donating a good portion of the gift registry to charities that are close to our heart, and have helped us be together:       
a.  Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.  Sick Kids Foundation.
b.  University of California SF.  Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Research.
c.  Brain Injury Assocation of America.
d.  Global Water

We would also like to thank Dr. Warren from the bottom of our heart, for his magical and miraculous system that brought us together less than 8 months ago.  His connection has enriched our lives beyond what we can express, and the lives of our family and friends, and has helped us to share our joy of being alive and the story of our common miracles together with more people.  Thanks again.

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