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Javier and Jeannie

Miramar, FL

Dear eHarmony:

Today, as I wake up to a beautiful Valentine's Day, I have a very special reason to celebrate it but also to THANK YOU for bringing her, a very special lady, to my life. Her name is Margaret (Jeannie) and I met her on eHarmony back in August of 2007 when my membership of eHarmony was close to expiring after trying the service for many months.

After an unfortunate end to my first marriage in 2003, I was totally clueless how I would ever find a true and very special best friend to one day have the dream family that I always wanted to have. After trying what many people call the "lucky supermarket approach" to finding a date, I realized that I needed more than shopping the aisles hoping that I would find my soul mate in the pasta section of my local supermarket. My next door neighbor introduced me to online dating and after trying several internet sites and being so let down by the poor quality of the personality of the women on those internet sites, I was ready to think about becoming a priest! This is besides the fact that dating in South Florida is extremely difficult for those of us trying to find real love. However, one day toward the end of 2004, I saw a commercial for eHarmony and decided to give it a try. It seemed real.

I quickly realized that the eHarmony approach was more in line with how I expected to find my true soul getting to know the person from the inside first. I'm a firm believer that you must love the person from the inside first and then toward the physical attraction. To me, it was very important to be with someone with a special heart and mind. Between 2004 and 2007, I was on and off with the eHarmony system and dated/met probably 10-15 women after probably reading/reviewing over 2000 profiles! Although I felt that many of the women on eHarmony had many qualities that I was looking for, they were still not exactly what I wanted. I must say that the majority did have good intentions and were very clearly much better individuals than those found on other internet dating sites that I also tried around 2004-2005.

When August 2007 came, I was close to the end of my membership period in eHarmony and a decision point came: do I renew or perhaps did I make a mistake thinking that this thing really works?? 

But one day, August 13 to be exact, I happened to check my account and saw that I had received a new profile. We quickly started to send each other the questions and shortly thereafter, we entered into open communication. Jeannie on the other side, had just recently joined eHarmony for the first time and got very lucky as I was basically her first profile! We saw each other's pictures and after some time chatting via email and phone, it was time to meet in person August 21, 2007.  That day I will never forget. I knew that this would be the day when I would meet the missing piece for total harmony in my life.

We decided to meet for dinner at a town center about 15 minutes from where we both lived. When I first saw her, she was just coming out of her car and my heart started to beat really fast and all I could hear in my mind was "oh my God!" until I parked my car. As I started to walk over to her, I knew she was the one. We hugged each other and it felt so natural, like we knew each other all of our lives. It didn't take long...3 days later, I asked her under a star-light night at the beach in Fort Lauderdale to formally be my girlfriend.

Jeannie has brought to my life more than happiness and love. She has brought the real meaning behind a best friendship and being a true soul mate...when you can talk to each other without words. After a few months of dating, we decided to purchase a small boat and we suddenly had our first chance to name our new "baby" together: Sea Harmony!

Yes, we named our boat in celebration of the successful process that allowed us to find each other in life. It was not easy to find Jeannie but I KNOW that the eHarmony process works if you give it time. Jeannie and I feel that we are extremely compatible with each other and where we are not, we easily complement each other. After getting to know her several months, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her!

Last July, we took a cruise to the Western Caribbean and I proposed to her on top of a lighthouse in Cozumel, Mexico. I'm an ocean/boat lover and felt natural for me to do it there. The panoramic view from the top of this lighthouse is just phenomenal and after Jeannie saying the word "yes", the moment became the most magical ever! I felt like I was taking part of a new hit romantic movie.

And so, as today Jeannie and I celebrate our second Valentine's Day together, I also felt that it was very important to have eHarmony be part of our celebration by sending our story of success.  We are very appreciative that you have carefully crafted a process that works if you give it time and stay true to what you are looking for. Every day that I'm with Jeannie, it makes me my life so much happier, rich, and filled with desire to live forever by her side. I cannot explain just with words alone how thankful I am with eHarmony and every time that a fellow boater asks me why I named my boat Sea Harmony, I cannot avoid mentioning how happy I am that eHarmony worked for us and many other friends that have used it. I honestly believe that you have the best process/system for internet dating and hope that you take the time to analyze all your success stories to continue to fine tune the "formula" for creating many more amazing couples in the future.

Jeannie and I would be more than happy to share our story in your commercials or other advertisement to help you spread the word about your successful approach to dating.

In the meantime, I wish you all continued success and THANK YOU for putting Jeannie in my life. I feel so lucky but I also feel that I have worked hard to deserve such a beautiful and successful lady. All I can do from this moment onward is to celebrate every day of our relationship and thank eHarmony for making it happen! 

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