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Tricia and Jeff

Glassboro, NJ

EHARMONY WORKS!!  Jeff and I have similar stories on why we went to eHarmony in the first place.  Neither of us had ever been married and we were hoping to find someone we’d want to spend the rest of our lives with.   Both of us had mostly married friends so we weren't meeting people sitting at their houses with them and their young children.  Neither of us felt the locations you're told to look for that special someone were places to look either (grocery store, church, the gym, a bar) After hearing success stories of people that met their significant others via the internet we decided to give it a try.  Jeff signed onto eHarmony in June of 2007 and I signed on in July. 

In the middle of July, Jeff and I were "matched".  Although Jeff didn't have a picture posted on his profile there was something about how he answered the questions on that profile that intrigued me enough to find out more about him.  We went through the eHarmony process of sending eHarmony selected questions, answering multiple choice questions, and finally sending our own questions before communicating via eHarmony's open communication.  Although both of us were matched with others that we communicated with, we were both drawn to one another, and couldn't wait for that next email letting us know we had a message.  Being new to this process and hesitant of giving too much personal information over the internet to a complete stranger, I felt really safe talking to Jeff using open communication and was a little hesitant before communicating via telephone.   After some time I got his phone number and, we set up phone dates to talk as we wanted to see if there was as much chemistry over the phone as there seemed to be over the emails.  Soon after, we agreed to meet at a location of my choice in the middle of the afternoon.  

From the first time I laid eyes on him I knew I was done searching.   We wound up sitting outside on the patio, under an umbrella, in the rain for a couple of hours just talking.  Neither one of us wanted this to end.   Finally one of us needed to excuse ourselves to use the restroom and we took that break as the reason to end our first meeting.  Why did we have to drink waters and sodas anyway?  Why didn’t we skip them saving us more time to sit at our table and talk!!  (eHarmony recommends keeping that first meeting short, so we figured they knew what they were talking about and took their advice). Jeff walked me to my car and I gave him a little kiss on his cheek.  I wanted him to know I was definitely interested without being too forward.   Later that evening he sent me our final message via the eHarmony website as I knew I could now give him my phone number and email address.   We met three nights later for our first date, and things continued to get better at each meeting that followed.   Neither of us ever laughed more than we do when we're together.   We felt like kids again staying up all hours of the night talking and laughing and falling so hard for each other.   It's amazing to think the love of my life grew up living only 10 miles up the road.  Although we lived relatively close to one another, we had few hobbies or activities in common and probably never would have crossed paths.   Jeff insists we were destined to meet somehow, though eHarmony definitely stacked the cards in our favor.
After months of dating we talked about how we knew we were going to be together forever. It was just something you know when you meet your soul-mate.  You feel different with them than you ever felt with anyone else.  After our one year anniversary we got engaged.  Our family and friends couldn’t have been more pleased, because they had never seen us happier than when we are together. Both Jeff and I were on the same page when it came to the wedding planning.  Neither of us wanted to plan a huge wedding, and neither of us wanted to wait too long to get married either.  We figured we knew we were going to do it, so why wait. Less than two months after getting engaged, we flew to Las Vegas to seal the deal. It was everything we wanted our wedding to be, and we wouldn’t change a thing!! I sometimes wish I would have met Jeff earlier because I feel like I missed out on many years with him. But we both agree though - had we met earlier in our lives we wouldn’t be the people we are now.  

We thank eHarmony for the questionnaire that took hours to fill out because it paired us together.   We are strong believers in the process and recommend it to anyone looking for a person to spend their life with.   We are proof that it works.  

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