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Meredee and Kyle

Eugene, OR

Kyle and I met while he was in photography school in Montana. When I signed up for eHarmony, I decided that I was worth pursuing and resolved to wait for any interested men to contact me first. I had received several matches who seemed interesting but something just didn't click. One day, I received communication from Kyle and it was as if his answers to my questions were coming from my own thoughts. We quickly moved through the communication process & onto the open communication. We exchanged emails and found that we had something more in common than the few things we had discovered on eHarmony.

He is originally from North Dakota and so I asked him in an email if he had a Midwestern accent and he replied, "Do you want to talk on the phone to find out?" I was nervous and hesitant but decided that because of how compatible we already seemed to be, it was worth taking a chance. Our first conversation was over 3 hours long and I ended up hanging up the phone saying to myself, "This is the type of guy I could marry." We talked again a couple of nights later. It was amazing to us how quickly and easily we were able to communicate so beautifully. By the end of our second 3-hour phone call, I hung up the phone and said to myself, "This IS the man I'm going to marry." Only a few weeks had passed before we discussed the possibility of being married as soon as possible.

For the next 2 and 1/2 months, we spent hundreds of hours on the phone and webcam chats getting to know each other and falling in love. Neither of us had any hesitation about the fact that we were meant to be together. Our level of openness and communication was astounding. eHarmony set us up to be very serious from the beginning and talk about faith, family, love, relationships, children and all the other things that matter most to us as individuals.

When you find something special, the right person and everything in your life confirms it, there is no sense in wasting time. Because of our level of communication, we were able to cover in 3 months what most dating couples take years to find out about each other.

We were married on January 16, 2009 and have never been happier. We look forward to many years of growing old together and falling deeper in love. We are grateful to eHarmony for the compatibility profile and for setting us up to be successful from the start. When you use eHarmony, there is no doubt about what the other person is looking for and why they are using the site. It gives you confidence in who your matches are and that it is safe and fun and of course, extremely successful. 

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