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eHarmony Success Stories

Nearly Gave Up

Melonee and Joe

Enid, OK

Over the course of five years, I accumulated hundreds of matches through eHarmony.  I would try it for three months here and there with no success at finding that special person. In January, I decided to try it one last time.  On January 26th, I was matched with Joe, an attractive looking man in my hometown.  He read about me the same day and initiated the eHarmony get-to-know-you process.  Once into open communication we found that we have many of the same friends, none of which who had thought to introduce us to one another. 
Because we have so much in common, it has been an easy fit since the very beginning.  He says he has known I was the one for him almost since the first face-to-face meeting.  We couldn't be happier.  I'm glad I didn't give up on eHarmony. 
I wanted you at eHarmony to know how much I appreciate the many times a customer service representative encouraged me to keep trying.

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