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eHarmony Success Stories

Nearly Gave Up

Vincente and Joanna

Naperville, IL

Back in March of 2004, after several failed communication attempts along my eHarmony experience, I tried one last time to contact a woman I knew was "out of my league.” My membership was just about up after 3 years and I was going to move on off the website. To my big surprise, this beautiful and attractive woman actually decided to communicate with me all the way to the open communication stage. We immediately clicked in our online talks and in subsequent emails. When she did see my picture in the later stages, she was still interested. Since I'm short for a guy (5'5"), I had been accustomed to being closed out by woman shorter than I. It was a Godsend for this woman to give me a further chance to get to me. Our first date after talking for a month was at a coffee shop, and sure enough we had the last item (chemistry) also compatible. We each had one child from a previous marriage. Our children are close in age and they met and the compatibility as a future family was also there. My proposal was a surprise; at a picnic with my proposal enclosed in a fortune cookie. We married the following April and had beautiful daughter. We are so happy and have forever thanked eHarmony and spoken of the site to others.

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