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eHarmony Success Stories

Nearly Gave Up

Michelle and Eric

Orlando, FL

This was both of our second times trying eHarmony, without any success the first time around. I had all but given up and was just waiting for my second subscription to expire. 

Eric had sent me a message a few days after we were matched. I kind of just breezed through politely answering him. We got through all the stages in a matter of a couple weeks as we messaged each other every day it seemed.

It wasn't until he called me and we spent hours on the phone that I thought he might be different. We finally met up for dinner a week or so later. I was so nervous and shy I was very thankful he had gotten to know me some on the phone before that night. We went on a date every week for a month and a half before we officially started dating. Nothing mattered after that. Being with him was like no other relationship I'd ever been in before. None of the pain and heartache had mattered anymore.

We got engaged December 20, 2008 on St Augustine Beach and our wedding is set for June 5, 2010. If it wasn't for eHarmony though I don't think we ever would have met. He lived in Palm Bay and me in Orlando, although we went to UCF for a span of 4 years together. I love every minute I have with him and am so thankful now for it. 


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