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Multiple Success in Family

Nick and Carolyn

Irving, TX

Carolyn: What first attracted me to Nick was his amazing personality that was seen through his style of writing on eHarmony.  Not only did Nick’s personality grab my attention, but I was captured by Nick’s picture.  I loved his smile!  There’s not just one thing that attracted me to Nick, but there are so many. 

Nick accepts me for who I am and that is one of the things I love about him most. I fell in love with Nick the moment he and I started communicating through the eHarmony site. My love for Nick continues to grow more and more each surpassing day.  I want to thank you, eHarmony, for helping me fall in love for all the right reasons.

By the way, I thought I might share that my sister and my cousin married someone off the eHarmony site as well.  With 3 family members meeting and marrying someone off of eHarmony then maybe it would be a neat idea to have all 3 of us couples on the eHarmony commercial. Thanks again!
Nick: I began talking with Carolyn via the eHarmony chat utility for a little over a week and the conversations we had spanned well over 4 hours on average; we seemed to click as far as communication was concerned. There was never a dull moment in the chatting that commenced and every opportunity we had to talk with one another was both desired and anticipated.
Many 'dating' sites do not take into account the personalities of individuals involved and this makes it difficult to truly know the person you're communicating with.  I have literally tried about 10 different match-making sites and none of them offered a matching scheme truly as unique as eHarmony.  The other dating systems I used in the past paired me with anyone near my general vicinity and who shared similar interests as me; however, eHarmony chose matches for me based on more than just aesthetic hobbies - my matches were based on my personal qualities; Carolyn and I were perfectly paired together because our personalities were nearly identical in so many areas!"


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