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eHarmony Success Stories

Multiple Success in Family

Linda and Craig

Daniels, WV

Craig and I met on eHarmony at the beginning of 2004.  We began phone communication by January 13 and decided we were matched WELL and wanted to meet.  We met at a family wedding in PA, and I attended a weeklong family reunion with him during the summer.  At that time I met his children and extended family.

We then decided to be married in October.  We had a beautiful wedding...small and meaningful as we wrote beautiful vows to each other which we have posted in our kitchen cabinet to look at all the time.  We feel we were perfectly matched.  Our match was so perfect, my family was in awe and I kept telling my brother to go to eHarmony.  He did and found his love and Craig actually performed their marriage a year after we were married. 

Both Craig and I had previously been married and our marriages ended because of circumstances beyond our control, but we both believe in the importance of marriage and commitment. Neither of us was ready to give up on marriage, even in middle age!  Although we are not clones of each other, we think alike , approach things in a complementary manner, and seek to meet each other 100% Without a doubt, we are each other's best friends. 


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