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Rachel and JT

Janesville, WI

First of all, I had heard about eHarmony from my sisters, Leah and Lydia, who were both registered on eHarmony when I registered. I joined eHarmony because I was (now sheepishly) making fun of Lydia as we were living together at the time. I thought the profile would be entertaining, but I had no intention of actually trying to find my soul mate on eHarmony. The profile was fun, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to check it out. Plus, I could prove to everyone that no one out there was the “one and only” for me.

Wow, was I proved wrong! I did correspond with a few people, but I never met up or even talked on the phone with any of them. However, when I read JT’s profile and saw his picture, I knew that I wanted to find out more about him. We share a similar background, upbringing, have similar interests, we’re close to the same age, have the same moral standards and values, and so much more. Plus, I could tell from his profile that he has a great sense of humor! JT immediately put me at ease and we were able to talk about anything and everything, and speak freely about whatever. I thought it was nice that we were able to develop such a great friendship so quickly. Then, on Sunday, May 30, 2004, JT got out of work early and called me and asked me if I could meet up with him in just a few hours about an hour from where I was living, and about an hour and a half from where he lived.

Of course we were nervous at first, but we knew enough about each other through eHarmony, our conversations, and our emails that we started hesitantly talking with each other. Well, about 5 hours later, we were the only ones left in the restaurant and we felt we should leave, so JT and I left, and, since it was still drizzling a bit and he was worried about my possibly slipping, he gallantly offered me his arm—which I accepted—and we walked arm-in-arm back to his car.

Just a couple short weeks later, JT met the rest of my family (niece’s graduation party at Lydia’s and my house), and my family couldn’t resist teasing me because they knew of my opinion about online dating and they also couldn’t resist because I’m one of those people who gives others a hard time and I’d said that I wasn’t going to ever be getting married. They knew when they saw us that we were in love.

On October 23, 2004, JT asked me to marry him, and we were married on February 26, 2005 in a beautiful ceremony at a church just about a mile or two from where we’d first met. JT absolutely IS the love of my life, and I know that he feels the same way about me. I can’t even imagine life without him. We are best friends and true soul mates. Thank you, eHarmony, for bringing us together.


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