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Jim and Eileen

Castroville, TX

Eileen knew when I was going to propose, sort of. She knew I had the ring and that we needed to get going if we were to stick with our elaborate wedding plans. At any rate, I went by her house on a Friday, (Friday the 13th!), by cab. When she asked where my car was, I didn't say, just loaded her up in hers. We drove out of San Antonio a bit to a small private airfield. I guess I should have asked, but Eileen had never been in a helicopter, and when she saw what I had planned, got just a bit "apprehensive". We took off and she settled down as the flight was smooth and really beautiful. I had given the pilot a vector to my house, and Eileen was completely surprised when we circled what will be our home. Took some pictures then flew on. We reached D'hanis, a small town west of San Antonio where my Mother's people settled in 1850 or so.

The pilot landed us near a pond on a friend's ranch south of town, where there was a jeep waiting. I helped Eileen into the jeep and drove to the top of the highest hill around. On the top there was a picnic table and a fire ring with a nice fire already going; courtesy of the friend. I had brought a small bag and out of that bag I took a tablecloth, vase, one yellow rose, a bottle of champagne, and the ring. I even brought thumbtacks for the tablecloth, which made Eileen think I was perhaps a bit over-prepared. However, the tablecloth stayed in place, the fire roared and yes sports fans, I went down on one knee and popped the big one! Eileen said yes, I believe her exact words were: "yes, yes, a million times yes!" (I guess I should write that down, might come in handy as life goes on.) We of course kissed, toasted our new life together, then loaded up for the trip down the hill to the helicopter and the flight back to San Antonio. We flew back over the city lights into the San Antonio International Airport, and then took a cab down to the river walk for a romantic riverside dinner. Eileen’s sister, Kathy, married through eHarmony three years ago to John. She was our Maid of Honor at our wedding in St. Louis Church in Castroville, Texas.

Eileen's side -- knowing the proposal was coming, but not when or how drove me nuts! I kept trying to get Jim to slip and divulge SOME info -- hey I needed to at least know what to wear! All I could get was, "bring a jacket and wear comfortable shoes." That narrowed it down! I never dreamed that we were going on a helicopter ride to such a beautiful spot! The entire evening was a magical dream-come-true proposal and is proof that Jim is a romantic extraordinaire!

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