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Long Distance

Maria and David

Murfreesboro, TN

We dated long distance for almost 2 years. We went on a few dates and found ourselves talking everyday on the phone. He is from Tennessee and I am from Texas. The great thing is that he moved to Oklahoma for his career and I was able to visit more. He later moved back to Tennessee. We spent the entire summer together this year and that is how we knew we belonged together.

We were both very excited to meet someone that we got along with so well. We found it effortless to make things work for the most part with the expectation of being so far from each other of course. I have found someone that I grow more and more in love with everyday. We get along so well and yet we are very different and that is what I was shocked by. The reason being would be because I was always looking for people with all the same interests as me. We are excited about starting our lives together. 

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