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Long Distance

Sean and Jami

Snohomish, WA

I joined eHarmony to see what would happen, I was busy and didn’t have much time to go out and date. The matches came but not what I was looking for. I decided to give it a few more weeks and just out of nowhere it happened. I got matched with Jami from Charleston on Feb 17th 2008. For some reason I had a great feeling about this, I was excited, I was smiling and she was gorgeous too. Jami contacted me first and she reminds me often. We went through the Q & A and there was obviously a connection on a deep level and we both felt it. Without getting carried away we talked, we laughed and we both had the same ideas about how love works. We discussed what it takes to make a relationship work, morals, what’s important and of course family values. We thought it would a good idea to meet sometime soon. We talked every day after our first conversation. We both knew it may be difficult because I live in Seattle, quite the distance, but we would meet.

We met in Atlanta in May. Immediately it was evident there was something there. We connected right away, it was if we had known each other for years and we enjoyed an amazing weekend together. I realized when it was time to go home that I would miss Jami terribly.

Jami came to Seattle to visit me and our relationship got stronger. We both knew we had something unique and special. I knew I was falling deeply in love with her. During the summer Jami spent a few more weeks here in Seattle during her school break from teaching and we explored Washington and spent a fantastic time with each other.

We talked about getting married, family, children and it was very clear we were meant to be together. Being in love didn’t make me as happy as being in love with Jami. When I got back from the trip I called Jami’s father and told him how much I loved Jami and that I wanted to marry his daughter. We talked and he gave me his blessing.

Before going to back to work Jami came back out to Seattle and I had decided to ask her to marry me. Planning in advance was essential.....not much gets past Jami and she is full of questions and doesn't like surprises. After talking to Jami's family and getting her Dad's permission the planning began. A great location was important to me with a view of the water, the cascades and hopefully a sunset.

On Saturday 13th Sept. after coming home in the early evening I suggested to Jami we got out to dinner. She wasn't all that enthusiastic but we got dressed up and were set to leave. I managed to somehow smuggle Jami's clothes and case into the car and off we set. Arriving at the hotel we valet parked and I had to make some minor quiet arrangements with the valet to ensure the bag was taken to the room without her knowing what was going on. We got lost walking to the restaurant.....well I did anyway.
At the restaurant we were sat outside with a gorgeous view of the Cascade Mountains over lake Washington with the most amazing sunset.... I left briefly and ran up to get checked in to the room.

After dinner I made an excuse to leave again and gave the waitress instructions to give Jami a note which told her to meet me in room 342. As we were eating, the room had been set up with rose petals, flowers, chocolate covered strawberries. I had put a slide show of pictures and our story so far on the wall with my laptop and projector.
I watched the waitress hand Jami the note from the balcony and hoped she would come up and not get a cab, getting a little nervous now!! Jami came into the room and I told her I had to show her something and ran the slide show with some music. After that I took Jami out on to the balcony , told her how I felt about her, how she made me feel, how I wanted her in my life, what the future could down on one knee and asked her to marry my delight she said "absolutely". She had no idea......I had pulled it off!!

We spent a wonderful night together and I can't wait to become her husband.

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