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Long Distance

Randy and Amy

Derby, KS

An Internet Fairy Tale

Once upon a time as all good love stories began...there was a sweet young thing named Amy, frustrated and discouraged by the lack of available price charmings in her neck of the woods. Having exceedingly high expectations of the male species she wanted a man that would accept her for who she was and not be just another big bad wolf with baggage. Her mother Queen Gail said, “Try another neck of the woods!" and encouraged her to go online and try a dating service. Shocking, perhaps, but this is a contemporary love story.

Disguising herself as a mere commoner, she filled out the questionnaire for the eHarmony dating service and waited nervously for a nibble. As time passed, she realized she was conversing more and more with one particular specimen who seemingly, was not at all carnivorous and who, she soon discovered, was a genuine nice guy who she enjoyed talking to. He was outgoing, easy to talk to, and had a sense of humor. Not to mention something that made Amy's little heart flutter every once in a while. Hoping not to get entangled to soon, she remained cool, calm and cautious when chatting with him, and attempted to appear oblivious to his charm. Amy knew there was something there and she was determined to find out just exactly what it was, so after a loooong chat online, she gave him her phone number and they talked for another 2 hours on the phone. As soon as she heard his voice, with a slight New York accent she was enchanted and they chatted effortlessly like two old friends catching up. It wasn't long after the first phone call that Amy thought about meeting him in the flesh! She hesitated, but finally decided to go for it. "Do you want to meet" she asked? "Ummm... Yess" was the reply, with the "Ummm" indicating just a little indecision on his part. But Amy had very little trouble talking our prince charming into our first meeting. He too had grown to accept that the powers that be were working in their lives, and as everyone knows... you don't mess with the powers that be!
So he obediently hopped the plane headed for Kansas and the adventure that stretched before him like a Yellow Brick Road. After glimpsing each other as Randy walked down the airport hallway, they were so overjoyed and overwhelmed at the first sight that they soon found themselves in each others arms; laughing and smiling and the first hug (reportedly also the biggest and best) of what they both suspected would be many more to come! Indeed, as the couple shared time and conversation in Wichita, they grew closer and closer, and began to imagine a relationship not tied to cyberspace. The first meal, the first introduction to friends, and even the first kiss were all Amy could have imagined and more! She was enthralled, enthused and enraptured, and in the true fairy tale style, sighed dreamily with the possibilities of what could be!

Amy knew that her whole world had changed since Randy, and she found herself living for their after work chats more and more. Amy's dad had even commented on the positive change in her attitude and the spring in her step; it was hard not to notice the ear-to ear grin that resided on his daughter's face these days! Indeed, the whole royal family was pleased and even more delighted when they got the chance to meet the cause of the smile on her face. Randy swept them all off their feet with his good-natured ease and wit.

Now at this point, our hero and heroine did everything humanly possible to spend as much time as possible together; which was no small feat, considering that Amy was in Kansas and Randy was in NY. Several visits occurred; each one reinforcing the idea the SOMEONE was living too far away! We are, of course, building up to the concept of these two people rapidly discovering that they absolutely CAN NOT live half-way across the country from each other; otherwise known as the proposal!

The stage is set as Princess Amy is dreadfully (but not fatally) ill; laying in bed and feeling very blue. Enter Prince Randy, determined to make her smile, and carrying around for the last 5 months a shiny rock that he thinks just might do the trick. "Would this make you feel better?!" he asked her as he placed the ring in her hand. "GASP" replied Amy. Why he decided that THIS was the moment he had waited 5 months for, we will probably never know or understand. What is important here is his noble intent to cheer up his beloved Amy, which he did, of course, by flashing that ring and asking her that all-too-familiar question that has thrilled the hearts and started families for many, many years;"Will You Marry Me?" After wiping her eyes; Amy managed a weak but very enthusiastic YES! Cue the tiny birds and creatures of the forest, which surround the happy couple as the music swells then faded out.

This is a love story for our time; two lonely souls, despite thousands of miles and thousands of discouraging factors have found each other, with the assistance of eHarmony. No glass slippers, no poison apples or evil witches to keep them apart! They overcame the odds and decided to take a leap of faith. These days it is easy to become cynical and hardened to the unknown; but Amy and Randy were trusting enough to give each other their hearts once upon a time... which almost guarantees them a happy ever after! 

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