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Long Distance

Stephen and Stephanie

Raleigh, NC

I start my story by stating I have reached true happiness now that I have met Stephanie. I thank eHarmony for this rare and precious gift. We never would have met without this wonderful service.

Neither of us had dated much, if any, all of our lives. We never found the right person using conventional means, such as blind dates, old friends, or even high school sweethearts. Little did either of us know eHarmony was to be the catalyst for our eventual relationship. It could not have come at a better time because we both needed someone in our lives. Neither man, nor woman, should have to be alone. I decided to sign up with eHarmony right before Christmas of 2006. Stephanie had been using the service for close to a year by this time. Stephanie lived in Buena Vista, Virginia while I am 200+ miles away in Salisbury, North Carolina.

We began speaking within a few days of my joining. (In hindsight, this was a blessing because her subscription was soon to run out.) All I could keep thinking was “There’s something about this girl I can’t quite put my finger on, but I like it!” As we spoke, we realized there was an instant click between the two of us. No matter where our conversations led, there was always that underlying chemistry between us that made everything feel as close to perfect as we can obtain in this life. After a month of conversing, we decided it was time to meet. I drove up to Virginia on a Saturday to meet my future wife. We were very civil during our first encounter only to be certain of what we had been thinking…that we were meant to be together forever. Our second encounter resulted in fine dining, cultured music, and the beginning of the realization that we loved each other more than life itself. Each visit brought forth such marvelous emotions and feelings, which proved our immediate and everlasting compatibility. As we would meet and begin showing those around us our pictures together, everyone made the comments we “look so good together” or we “look perfect for each other.” I don’t use the term ‘everyone’ simply to over exaggerate our story. I truly mean everyone to which we showed pictures said we looked like a perfect couple. My parents, her parents, my friends, her friends, my siblings, her siblings, my co-workers, her co-workers, even those that didn’t know us very well said we looked great together. I believe the reason everyone has said this is because we compliment each other perfectly.

Meeting after meeting resulted in euphoric gaiety. I knew it was time to take that ‘next step’ that would change our lives, for the better, forever. I began by stating how much I’ve enjoyed every second we’ve been together. I then said we’re only guaranteed today and we must make not take for granted those near and dear to us. I got down on one knee and proposed. The immediate “Yes!” I received reassured my initial thought that this was the right choice. Of course, it was the only sane choice in my mind. How often do we immediately know the person we are with, as we stare into their eyes, was put on this Earth specifically for us? Many are impatient with life and end up settling for whomever they can find. The bond between Stephanie and I is nothing short of true love. “Happiness” is an understated adjective describing how we felt that night; as is it still an understatement this very moment. Maybe ‘eternal delight’ is a better suited phrase to describe our feelings of one another. It almost pains me to think I never would have met Stephanie if I hadn’t been willing to try out your service. We’d simply be content with our lives, instead of looking forward to every waking moment, without your intervention. We are both eternally grateful. I speak for the both of us when I say “Thank you eHarmony!!!”

Our compatibility culminated in the perfect wedding. We continue to enjoy each day as a married couple, watching our love for each other grow ever deeper. We never would have experienced this joy without eHarmony.

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