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Long Distance

Binh and Sarah

Harrisburg, PA

I joined eHarmony around October of 2004 and Sarah and I instantly hit it off in November. Neither of us had ever done internet dating before. I was a medical student in Washington, DC and she was a graduate student at the University of Maryland. She was a small town All-American girl from rural Michigan and I was a big city Vietnamese-American from southern California. But the similarities in morals, values, hobbies, and personalities we shared were amazing. eHarmony had done a great job in connecting us. Incidentally, I was living in Northern Virginia and only wanted to meet women in the Northern VA or DC area and not Maryland where Sarah was living. But we got matched and the rest they say is history.

Our first date was in November the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was a Saturday and we decided to meet at a Metro Station in DC. If either one of us got a bad feeling about the other we could just jump on the crowded public Metro and go back home. But we met for coffee in Dupont Circle and had a blast talking about life, family, sports, and yes even the forbidden 1st date topics of religion and politics! But back to the sports. Sarah is an Ohio State Alumnus and this Saturday was the big OSH-Michigan game. She gave up seeing that game to hop and the Metro to go to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I love that place and it turns out she loves that kind of stuff too. We even took a picture of the Hope Diamond.

Our second date was to the Kennedy Center to see a Christmas concert played exclusively by 200+ tubas. Afterwards I took her to a Vietnamese Restaurant near Georgetown. This small town country girl never tried any Asian cuisine before except for Chinese and enjoyed the highly Americanized Vietnamese dish that she ordered. I even taught her how to hold a chop-stick which I admitted my family told me I had always done it wrong. After meeting Sarah I knew she was the one for me. One year into our relationship I asked Sarah to marry me and she cried and said "yes!" Our backgrounds were different so there was a lot of bickering at first by the families as to where and how to hold the wedding. In the end the important thing was that we were happy. So, we compromised and had a traditional Vietnamese ceremony in California and an American wedding in Michigan. Everyone really enjoyed getting to see both types.

It was difficult planning two weddings separated by one week and then the week after our official (marriage license) wedding on May 5, 2007 we had my medical school graduation from Howard University on May 11, 2007. But it was a wild, fast-paced, busy 2007 that I'll always cherish. We had our honeymoon in North Carolina near Boone. I have attached picture of us with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. We are not the type of people that write in but I felt that it was necessary to share our wonderful success story with you and to thank eHarmony for creating a marvelous system that truly changes lives.


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