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eHarmony Success Stories

Long Distance

Sherri and Randy

Boerne, TX

We were matched on Nov. 15 and on Nov. 17th Randy initiated contact. We advanced quickly through each stage of the questionnaires; it was like we instantly had a connection that neither of us could explain. It was just there. We exchanged email addresses and continued getting to know one another, exploring our likes and dislikes, our hopes and ambitions, our dreams and our heartaches. We exchanged phone numbers and long conversations melted the miles between Humble and Boerne, Texas. We were 4 hours from each other and after three weeks going by agreed to meet. It was unreal.

We met at the airport and walked straight into each other's arms, there was no apprehension or shyness, but rather almost relief, as if "we had come home to one another." Christmas came and past and in January, Randy moved to Boerne. It was amazing how comfortable, exciting, and exhilarating our relationship became in such a short time, and still is. We truly are meant for each other. And it was this new-found love that strengthened us and comforted us when the end of March 2007, Randy suffered a heart attack. The months that followed found him in and out of the hospital, 4 heart procedures, and stints placed in several arteries.

With a new lease on life and love, we married August 17th, 2007. The ceremony was small, witnessed by Sherri's daughters and son-in-law, mother and grandmother, Randy's youngest daughter (11) and son (5), and English Springer Spaniel, Gracie. We were married in front of our fireplace, at about 9:30 p.m. with Randy's parents and sister on conference call and Sherri's brother, a minister, who, most appropriately we feel, performed the ceremony via webcam live from his Colorado living room to our Texas living room, his wife and sons participating by webcam and cell phone, as well. It was wonderful, fun, precious, and totally "right."

Happily Ever After, Randy and Sherri married - August 17, 2007.

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