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Long Distance

Topeka and Keithroy

Baton Rouge, LA

I’m Topeka and I met my husband Keithroy on eHarmony in February of 2010. I constantly prayed to God to give me a husband that loves the Lord. A husband that I can pray and share the word of God with. I was very specific as I asked God for the man of my life to be taller than me, kind, sweet, and caring. I was in for a surprise that God would be finally answering my prayers. I wasn't sure how this thing was going to turn out but when my profile was sent to him as a match Keith sent me an email and I took a look at his profile noticing that we had many things in common. I responded to his email very quickly. Keith is from the Caribbean and I live in Louisiana. Keith was from St. Kitts and I hadn’t ever heard of that island before. As we began to talk we hit it off so well when he told me exactly where he lives I didn’t care about the distance and it wasn't a problem for me because he was everything that I wanted in a man. We constantly talked to each other every day by phone, email, IM, and web cam. I fell in love with this man, my soul mate, and now my husband. I love him so much and we got married on July 21, 2010. It was one of the best days in my life because of eHarmony I found my husband. God gave me more than what I asked for in a husband and I'm so grateful. Thank you eHarmony for helping my husband!

My name is Keithroy and I believe that love has no boundaries, geographical or otherwise. I have been on eHarmony since around October/November last year and I have been matched with over 200 plus women but did not seem to be making a head way. Many of the women I interacted with decided that I seemed to be nice guy but was just too far away since I lived in the Caribbean.  In February of this year on the very last day that I decided to throw my towel in with eHarmony, I was matched and honored with an angel, yes the love of my life, Topeka. We meshed very well and she seemed different to all the other women I met on the website. I contacted her and she responded almost instantly so I thought to myself there may be something here.

As life would turn out we got to know more about each other and yes love sparked between us, allowing technology to bridge the gap of our distance, temporarily. We shared a common bond and God strengthened this bond because it was on March 31st when immediately after we had spoken that evening, I prayed to my Lord and told Him that I loved this woman but I didn’t want to go ahead of myself and claim her but that I leave it up to Him. I went on to tell God that if this woman was for me then put it writing or get someone whom I have never met to tell me that she was to be mines. God answers prayers and sometimes He blesses us by giving us exactly what we ask for and beyond our hopes and dreams.

To my surprise I got up the following morning to check my email and as it were at that time Google was my home page and when I clicked the internet explore button instead of Google I saw 'Topeka'. I was shocked. So I called my love and asked her if she did something to my Computer and naturally she wondered what I was talking about. I told her that when I clicked to open Google instead of Google I saw her name. I told her to see if it was the same on her end and it was! She screamed! I told her about my prayer and we thanked God together.

We continued to talk using whatever means that were available to us and our love grew and grew. This woman became so and active part of my life and we decided this year we will become one before God and man. She is just so wonderful it’s like I have known her all my life. She is indeed my missing rib, my soul mate, my Endless Love.

In July, I sold belongings and I moved to Baton Rouge, LA and we became husband and wife on July 21st. It was like heaven and earth stood still when we became one and the heavenly host was very pleased.. She is the best wife, the best woman in the world and I am honored to be loved by her. Thank you God!!! Thank you eHarmony!

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