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Long Distance

Tony and Abrena

Columbia, SC

Tony saw my profile and requested communication, but at that time I was getting to know someone local and had not been checking the computer for matches. I signed onto eHarmony and saw Tony's profile and picture. I also saw that he had already closed me, so after reading all about him I took the chance of asking him to reopen and reconsider me. Well several days later he went online with the intention of canceling his membership and at that time he saw my request along with a picture that was not there before. Prior to my request for communication he had shared with his brother that he was interested in a nurse in SC even though there was no picture. So he responded to the re-open request and we sent questions at least twice daily and within 3 days we went to open communication. He was open and shared a lot but I felt that if I could hear his voice I could know more about him and could ask questions between all that he was sharing. So I asked if he would like to talk on the phone on day 8 or 9 and he sent me his cell #. He said he felt it was quick but I needed to hear him as he shared and I was glad I asked. Not only did I find his voice soothing but I could hear the emotions that go along with the words. I loved every moment of time hearing him and he expressed the same to me. He was interested in hearing me also that made it all more special.  We laughed as we found the great number of things we have in common. I always felt as though we had discovered a long lost friend, a 'where have you been feeling. We feel that all of our life experiences were meant to prepare us for now, for each other.

We had plans for our first meeting, he would fly here to SC at the end of the month. I had plans to spend the first weekend of March in NC for my sister’s birthday. As we continued to talk by phone he shared with me that his Aunt died in NC and that he would have to fly there the same weekend that I would be there. So I expressed condolences, he called back to let me know that we would only be a one hour drive away from one another while in NC and suggested that we meet while there. I was so excited; I did not know what to pack because now my weekend plans had changed. When I arrived to my sister’s home I told her all about Tony and our communication and asked if she would come with me to meet him. She was excited that I was sharing this with her. We decided to plan to meet at a really nice mall that was about a 30min drive for both of us. I remember arriving to the mall and feeling so anxious to get inside and find Tony. He called to say that he was already inside and I could not walk fast enough. First I had to help my sister get her two babies out of the car seats and into the stroller. That took forever, and so finally we were walking into the Mall. So Tony and I are on the phone asking, O.K, where are you, what store are you in front of?' Then finally there he was, phone to his ear wearing the most beautiful blue colored shirt, with his back turned. He was looking at the wrong entrance then he turned when I said 'I see you'. So he turned around with the biggest smile and we walked toward each other. What a feeling to be looking at each other. He met my sister and she asked him to show ID and we talked and took pictures. After we were feeling comfortable we said good bye to my sister and spent the next four hours walking around the Mall, ate lunch outdoors, saw a part of a movie, walked some more and talked and walk holding hands. It was wonderful. The weather was perfect, warm with a breeze.  We both already knew how we felt but still needed more time. So this meeting was unexpected and great.

I had several activities planned, a picnic lunch, a formal dinner overlooking the river, serving meals at my church, a massage for him at a salon, a quiet movies night, and we attend church service. We spent every moment together doing all those things and it was so very enjoyable. I wanted more of that kind of time together. After he went back to TX, we continued to talk on the phone 2 and 3 times per day every day. We continued to share our lives, feelings, needs, dreams. It continued to be wonderful, so we planned that I would visit him in TX for his birthday on May14, and return home the 17th. He made it very clear that planned to propose on the 15th. I was so excited and could not wait to get there. During all our conversation we added one another to our daily routines.

Anyway I had his favorite cake baked for him and I froze it so I could fly with it and I had his gift also. He was surprised to get a cake and he loved his gift. I love singing happy birthday to him, meeting his children, and witnessing who he is. The next day was the 15th and I was excited. We drove to the next town and he surprised me with a stay in a beautiful resort on the river. There were roses, tuxedo strawberries and champagne waiting in the room. Oh, did I feel special. We had lunch and went for a walk in the gardens surrounding the resort. There were waterfalls and beautiful walking paths. We were a little hot and decide to sit on a bench in the shade for a while. I looked around and said 'Tony, you could not have found a more beautiful place' and at that he got down on one knee and proposed. I expected that he would propose over dinner later that night so I was caught off guard once again. I love him so much. He had really planned the entire weekend of surprises and pleasures for me. Beautiful is the best word I can use over and over about him and our time together. He had a gorgeous ring for me in his pocket for me. That night we had reservations for dinner in a Vineyard.

We feel really blessed to have met. Life is great!



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