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Long Distance

Jill and Michael

Kingston, NY

Our story is a bit long and spans over some time, but so completely worth it.

Mike and I were matched in the early part of 2007. We lived in different states. He was in NJ and I was in NY. We were about 1 and 1/2 hours apart. Although we can’t recall who contacted who originally (I say I contacted him first though) I remember feeling really good about the connection we made. I felt like I knew him instantly and had a bunch of warm good feelings about him. We communicated via email for a while and then progressed to the phone. Our 1st phone conversation lasted for hours. We set up our first date for 7/1/07. Unfortunately, I ended up canceling our date. I had started a new job and had family commitments that made my schedule extremely busy and at that particular moment felt that I could not invest any time in dating. I emailed him and let him know that I couldn’t go through with the date without getting into any real specifics, but Mike was extremely understanding and wished me well in my future endeavors. I thought at that point that I would ultimately end up regretting that decision and I was right.

We stopped communicating from that point on but I never really stopped thinking about him though and the connection that I felt with him. I would find myself doing routine things throughout the day and he would pop into my head and I would often wonder how he was doing. I was on a weekend trip with a girlfriend to Maryland in August of 2007 and thought of him so many times. I found myself remembering things that he said he liked and thought that if he were with me in MD, that he would have been having a blast. I didn’t act on any of those feelings at that time however. Six months went by and we had not communicated at all during that time. I am not sure what it was but on New Year’s Day 2008, I felt this urge to contact him again. So I nervously sent him an email, not knowing what to expect in return as I canceled our date at the last minute previously.

He responded with to my email that same day and I remember being so scared and nervous to open it. I called one of my girlfriends for support while I read it. And to my surprise, it was a very generous, considerate email. After I read it I remembered thinking how I couldn’t believe that someone did not come along and snatch him up and that he was still single. Did I really have another chance handed to me with such a great guy?

After some additional communication, we set up another 1st date for 2/17/08. That date lasted 4 hours and changed my life. We never ran out of things to say to each other and were a little upset when the restaurant actually wanted to close and we were the only 2 left in the place. The connection between us was incredible. It was instant and it was strong.

We have been together ever since and we became engaged on 9/27/08 when he took me on vacation to Maine and surprised me with a very Cinderella-like proposal.

I can’t believe that I was lucky enough to find the perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life with. He understands me in a way that nobody else ever has and we have such a deep respect, trust and deep love for one another. Our compatibility was right on. We are connected at such a deep level, so much so that I really didn’t think anything like this ever existed in real life. There is such a deepness when it comes to our feelings for each other. We often talk about how we can’t believe that it is real sometimes. We look into each other’s eyes and we get this feeling of contentment, of knowing this is where we were meant to be all along. This is the destiny that we both dreamed about growing up and to live it now and actually experience it and feel it and know that it is no longer a wish away, but right here and right now is a feeling we wish for everyone to have. Because as much as we try to explain it, words do it no justice.

eHarmony really came through and proved to us as well as all of our friends and family how incredible and unbelievable it really is and how it truly works. Mike and I would have never crossed paths beforehand. And now we are planning to build a lifetime of memories and wonderful dreams together. So thank you to the powers that be (aka Neil Clark Warren) for giving me this wonderful life that now lies in front of me. My one and only regret is losing the 6 months from when I canceled our very first date. But, as Mike likes to say, it was only time. We were obviously meant to be together forever and thanks to eHarmony, we found our way to each other. Thanks again, and please keep up the GREAT work!!!

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