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Long Distance

Nicole and Brent

Scottsdale, AZ

If you would have asked me less than a year ago I never would have dreamed that I would be engaged to someone who lived 3000 miles away…..

Brent and I were matched on eHarmony in. When I first saw his profile (and that he lived on the island of Kauai in Hawaii) my immediate inclination was to close the match (I live in Arizona). However, something told me to wait and see before I judged the situation too quickly. We began communicating very slowly at first. I had been dating for over a year with no luck and was just about to give up…but there was something about him that was so different.

After finally completing the guided communication by the middle of March, we began emailing openly. It was about a week later when my eHarmony subscription ran out. Instead of renewing it, I decided I would take a break, and thus “closed” all of my matches-including Brent. He was shocked when he received the email notifying him that I had closed my account, and quickly emailed me to ask if it was something he had said or done. I told him it was nothing personal, that I just needed a break from dating. His answer was to give him one more week and see what happened. If I still did not want to pursue the relationship after that week, he would let me be. However, the more I spoke with him and understood the values and principles on which he based his life, the more interested I became. Soon we were speaking every night and making plans to meet in person. We made the decision that I would fly to Kauai on 4th of July weekend. Our first meeting was awkward, to say the least-it is one thing to talk to someone on the phone but quite another to meet them in person. However, after only spending one day together, we were inseparable-and realized that we were more compatible together than anyone else we had ever been with. On the third day of my visit, he told me he loved me. I went home from that first visit knowing that I had met the man I would eventually marry.

He proposed with all of my family present on January 3rd, and we will be married on May 30th of this year.  We will make our home in Arizona, and visit Hawaii frequently for vacations in order to still have it remain an important part of our lives.

For anyone who is ready to give up because the distance seems to great-don’t! Thank you eHarmony for matching us. We have met the love of our lives!

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