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Daniel and Shani

El Paso, TX, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

I traveled to Sri Lanka last week to meet this wonderful woman, Shani.  Not only were things going extremely well from a distance, but in person, we found each other to be exactly what we thought we were, and more.  There was absolutely no disconnect between the person I came to know and love from a distance and the person I met face-to-face.  And of course she feels the same!

Not only was there no disconnect, but the connection only intensified.  With our mutual desire and commitment to grow together in faith and with our similar ideals as far as family life and raising children...well I just couldn't have hoped for much more than this; it really IS beyond what each of us hoped for. 

Thanks again to all at eHarmony who help make such incredible and 'impossible' matches happen!  Since we put up the whole world as our search parameter, how cool is it to be able to say that I truly found the best woman in the whole world for myself, and she the best man in the whole world for herself!  We consider ourselves truly blessed in this all! 

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