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Maria and Joe

Bangkok, Thailand

Joe joined eHarmony to find his Mrs. Right. I joined eHarmony on a dare. Joe was hoping to be matched with a Denver resident living near his computer company. I was preparing to depart for Thailand where I planned to teach computer education for two years. We were an ocean apart but apparently, 8,000 miles, two years and an ocean can’t stop true love with help from eHarmony.

 Joe and I were matched on July 16th, 2003. We both had so much in common and our psychological profiles, must-haves and 29 key Dimensions of Compatibility were simpatico. We wanted to find a life partner, grow together and start a family. Life on a ranch is our dream, computers our profession. We found it pleasantly ironic that computers played such a large role in our love lives. Our success with eHarmony was totally understandable. eHarmony set the stage by allowing us an opportunity to get to know each other without the stress of possible rejection due to unforeseen differences and communication via secure email made everything all the more easy.

 Joe joined eHarmony one month before me. He had heard ads on a local radio station and was thrilled with the logic and ease of the matching process. I simply wanted to test the matchmaking waters. I had joined several other matching services none of which were as professional, straight-forward and thorough as eHarmony. eHarmony came highly recommended by friends during my 40th birthday party and they dared me to join.  

Completing the questionnaire was an eye opener for me. eHarmony really seemed to understand me; know me. I wasn’t expecting to find the love of my life, though I was optimistic. For several months Joe and I wrote via eHarmony email. Eventually, we exchanged email videos and phone calls. He began to call me every day, sometimes twice a day. The honesty of his writing and the timber of his voice melted my heart. We reveled in each other’s sense of humor and dreamed of the day when we’d have a chance to meet. This didn’t seem likely since my vacation flights to and from Indianapolis were always directed through Chicago and my vacation was short.

Two weeks before my December flight to Indy departed I received a call from my airline. All Indianapolis flights had been diverted through Denver. It was a miracle! We took it as a sign that it was finally time to meet in person. Suddenly, we had six precious stopover hours in the Denver International Airport. Joe immediately planned our rendezvous to take place in a quaint airport café. He would meet me at the gate. We agreed that if we clicked at this first meeting we would plan to meet six months later during the summer.

I don’t remember much about my chain of flights totaling 22 hours. I do remember sharing my eHarmony story with the flight attendants. They sensed romance afoot and demanded an explanation for my rosy cheeks, ear-to-ear grin and carefree disposition while my economy seating neighbors looked as if they had been tortured. I had to write down the eHarmony website address so many times that finally I wrote it on several cocktail napkins that systematically disappeared off the edge of my tiny dining table as I napped. I say with all confidence, every single woman on that flight eventually heard about eHarmony. Then all of my plans began to unravel.

When I arrived in LA my airline announced a 4 hour delay. I phoned Joe immediately. We agreed that an hour meeting was better than nothing. I happily repeated the details of my eHarmony success story with my new set of flight attendants who had heard of the “Joe and Maria eHarmony love story” from colleagues of my prior flight. When I explained that Joe and I were planning to meet in person for the first time upon arrival they shot dismayed glances at each other and sadly explained that Joe and I would not be meeting. There wouldn’t be enough time for me to exit security and catch my final flight. My expression must have spoken volumes. The attendants quickly left me with my disappointment and hurried off to have a meeting of the minds near the front of the plane.

Finally, on December 19th, I arrived in Denver. As I walked off the plane an attendant approached me and explained that one of the passengers was desperate to catch my next flight to Indy but the plane was fully booked. She asked me if I was willing to leave the next day, exactly 24 hours later, on the same flight. I was floored! She ushered me to an airport phone, I called Joe and explained my dilemma. We agreed to meet for 24 hours until my flight the next day.

When I walked past security I immediately spotted Joe but he looked right through me. The rush of the departing travelers kept me steadily moving forward. I walked up behind him and tapped him on his 6’8’ shoulder. He turned in surprise, placed his fingertips on my arms and we kissed. I felt like I had known him forever. I felt as if I were finally home. We talked, laughed and shared our dreams for 24 hours straight then Joe walked me to security for my Indy flight. He made it difficult for me to leave. He stood on the walkway above the gates and peered at me through the glass for the 45 minutes it took me to complete my journey through security. As I boarded the tram to my flight I turned one last time to find Joe waving goodbye.

When I arrived at Dad’s house I was greeted with, “Joe phoned twice. You’d better call so that poor boy can get some sleep.” I spent the rest of the week, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Dad then flew to Denver to meet Joe’s family for Christmas dinner. I was home.

In April I returned stateside again, spent a week with Dad and a week with Joe and his family. He explained that he wanted to make our relationship work and invited me to spend my summer in Denver. He also explained that he’d be willing to suffer through my second year in Thailand but that we’d have to make a decision about what we wanted to do. I offered to break my contract- he accepted.

We wed on June 24th, 2005 at the Red Bard in Evergreen, Colorado, surrounded by 80 western attired friends and family. We’re planning for 50 years of wedded bliss. Thank you eHarmony!

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