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Dean and Chollet

Havana, FL

First, please allow me to say "thank you!" for helping me find the love of my life. I have never been so happy and never thought I could ever feel this way. It’s just tremendous and simply indescribable. So, here’s our story.

I was the guy that said he’d never settle. I always preached to my male friends to “follow your heart” and “be patient, love will find you”. And I slowly watched all of them find companions and get married and start families. So after 33 years, dating around and being endlessly disappointed in the whole process, I found myself doubting my methodology. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe you just found someone that you got along with and that cared about you and did the deal. Maybe when you get to a certain age, you do just settle in order to settle down and start that family.

So after attending yet another wedding and getting totally frustrated with my situation, I decided to go online and try your service. That was an action that has forever changed my life. Chollet and I matched on October 23, 2004 and have been inseparable ever since. I had recently re-located from Manhattan, NY back to my hometown of Thomasville, GA in order to take care of my aging parents and other family issues. I have never been married (except to a job) and thought that moving back home after 13 years was probably the kiss of death. It’s funny.  I have lived in Atlanta, GA, San Jose, CA, Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium and finally NY, NY and never once came close to feeling like I had found true love. And to be quite frank, I was beginning to lose faith in it and almost settled for second best a time or two. Then, I moved back home and WHAM! the woman of my dreams ends up being 30 miles down the road from where I spent the first 18 years of my life. It’s just simply amazing to think about.

Chollet has everything I’ve ever looked for in a woman, in a friend, in a companion, and in a partner for life. I have never known passion like we have, I have never been so at ease when we speak, I have never laughed like I do with her, and I have never been so consumed by something as powerful as the love we share. I can look into her eyes and it seems like I can become lost for hours. I wake at nights smiling at a dream I’ve just had of her. She understands me, is patient with me, makes me smile all the time and laugh at myself. She is the best friend I’ve ever known.

I am a Consultant/Project Manager by profession and like to think that I am one of the most rational, logical thinkers that I know. And I take pride in that. I make Pro/Con lists to make big decisions and usually take my sweet time with things that I consider important. And after less than a year of knowing Chollet, I knew she was going to be my wife. So, one night in June during a walk on the beach, I dropped to my knees and asked for her hand- and she said YES! Even I can’t believe it! I never thought I would ever find someone that makes me feel this way. And you made it all possible. I would never have had the opportunity to meet my soul mate had it not been for your system. So, thank you from the both of us.


Dean & Chollet

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