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Amy and John

Durham, NC

   Our story is very much like others that have found their true love on eHarmony: we emailed each other until our hands ached, we paid our phone companies dearly in long distance bills, we met in person and began collecting frequent flier miles until we got tired of being apart – and saying goodbye every other weekend.  It was not long after Amy moved to North Carolina that we were married on November 26, 2004 (we were matched in December 2003).  After being apart for so long, we make the most of every day we have together.   We expanded our home by two feet in December 2006 when we welcomed our first child into the world.  Kaitlyn Brynna was the special delivery eHarmony made possible for us last Christmas!  Everyone differs on who she looks more like, we think she got the best of the both of us! Each and every day we are grateful for what eHarmony has done for us and our new family.  Without eHarmony we would still be living our lives without our best friend by our side and a beautiful baby girl with which to share the love we have found.

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