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Sarah and Payam

Los Angeles, CA

I decided to join eHarmony after I met a friend's new girlfriend at a Super Bowl party in 2004. She was funny, smart, and outgoing - perfect for my friend. When I learned that they met on eHarmony, I decided to give it a try, despite my previous resolution to give up on internet dating after many disappointing first dates, and very few second ones. eHarmony immediately proved itself different from the others - within days after joining, eHarmony matched me with Payam, my now husband. When I first read Payam's Introductory Information, I was immediately struck by how similar we were - in fact, what he listed as important to him was almost identical to what I had listed as important to me. He made the first communication move, and we quickly went through the steps that led to open communication. With each new message he sent, my heart raced a little faster.  We went on our first date three weeks after we were matched. The date was low key - we met at a café and had a light dinner, accompanied by great conversation. Payam and I both were veterans of other internet dating sites, and both of us had multiple, head-scratching experiences of trying to figure out how someone in person could be so different from who you thought they were in e-mail. This time, it was different: Payam and I agreed that it was truly wonderful to be sitting across the table from the same person who we had grown excited to meet over e-mails and phone conversations.  Although our first date was heartening, it was our second date that cemented for me the fact that this was something amazing. To avoid the standard "dinner and a movie" date, Payam and I decided to go for a hike. He suggested a trail that he had been on a few years earlier which led to a spectacular waterfall. Within 30 seconds after he picked me up, we were laughing and enjoying ourselves. Within a few hours of driving around and reading maps, however, we realized that we were never going to be able to find the trail. As we became more and more turned around, Payam impressed me by not once, but twice pulling over to ask for directions. Didn't help - we never found the trial head - but no matter. Driving around in circles can be a fantastic experience, as long as you are with the right person. Payam's humor, level-headedness, and amazing personality made it the best second date I ever had (luckily, navigation skills were not on either of our "must have" lists). Oh - and in the end, we did the typical dinner and a movie, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Payam and I realized soon after meeting what it really meant to be in love. We also realized that the cliché that true love is nothing like you have ever experienced before is a cliché for a reason - it is valid. Another cliché is also true - true love is indescribable. Try as I might, I cannot find words to convey the feeling. Words like amazing, unbelievable, and wonderful simply do not do it, or Payam, justice. eHarmony is incomparable to other internet dating sites. Payam and I never would have found each other among the sea of singles who matched our bare minimums on standard search engines. We have become eHarmony "ambassadors," encouraging every one of our single friends and acquaintances to join. Payam and I were married on September 4, 2005 and are enjoying our married life together. As for the friend whose girlfriend prompted my joining eHarmony? They are getting married in January 2007! Thank you, eHarmony, for being everything you promised - we have found the loves of our lives!

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