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Jacqualyn and Brian

Baltimore, MD

Wow…I never thought I would meet a man like Brian, let alone on eHarmony.  I signed up in late November during one of the “free weekends” and saw Brian’s profile a week or so later.  I initiated communication with him but didn’t receive a response.  A month later I finally got a reply from him.  Come to find out, he also joined during the free weekend but decided against signing up for the service right away. 

Once we began sending our responses back and forth I was totally intrigued.  We had so much in common!  We met up a week later for dinner and it was magic.  Neither he nor I wanted the date to end.  I can’t believe that I have met my soul mate.   If it were not for eHarmony our paths would have never crossed.  I am the absolute happiest I have ever been!  Thank you eHarmony!  

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