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Paul and Pria

Sterling, VA

I am from India and have been in the US for about four years. Paul is full-blooded, meat and potatoes, hotdogs and hamburgers, American. When Paul initiated communication I had over 400 closed matches. I felt jaded. The truth is I was just going through the motions. He seemed like just another match. However, I responded. We went through all steps till open communication. Nothing seemed out-of-the ordinary so far. I did not want to prolong the inevitable. So I suggested we meet. Before, we met, we had one phone conversation. And though it did not last hours, it was very interesting.

I live in Baltimore and he lives in Sterling, Virginia. We spent three hours talking - just talking. Not shopping and talking or walking and talking or eating and talking, just talking. Just sat across from each other and talked. I thought the meeting went well. At no point of time I felt awkward or at a loss for words. Conversation just flowed smoothly. That must be a good thing, I thought as I returned. I had no clue, how Paul felt. Two days later, he sent an email saying that he enjoyed our time together and would like to see me again, hopefully for a longer period of time. And that is how we started dating. Next we went to see a Hindi movie (it had subtitles). I thought he was a good sport. We both enjoyed the movie. This was followed by a baseball game. Paul tried to explain the game to me. I still prefer cricket.

He asked me to marry him and I said YES. And I laughed, cried, jumped and screamed all at the same time. Here we are two people in love. We are two people with different food habits, different backgrounds but shared dreams and similar values. He is very sweet and caring. Of course, he says that I am a goofball. Paul is gradually learning to eat spicy food and I might someday agree to have a hot dog. We would have never met if it was not for eHarmony. Thank you for bringing two worlds together.

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