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Barbara and Bruce

Freeland, WA

I had been on eHarmony for about nine months, with only about 40 matches in the whole time, and except for one person, with whom I had email and phone contact, all the matches had closed me out before we even got going! As everyone knows who has been through that, it is quite discouraging.  I went back and looked at my picture and my profile and was happy with both and really surprised that no one was interested! So, I finally just didn’t renew.  About a month later, out of the clear blue, I got an email from eHarmony that someone wanted to communicate with me, and without rejoining, I was able to go and look at the profile, but not see the picture. I really liked a lot of what I read in Bruce’s profile and I thought about it a few days but didn’t do anything. Then I got an offer from eHarmony to rejoin for some kind of special offer, so I did.  I saw Bruce’s picture here was this guy in a picture holding his two miniature dachshunds up for the camera, and I was intrigued.

I really wondered about this guy who put up a picture with his dogs so I started the guided communication process.  Now, Bruce and I both put in our profiles that we wanted to go slow but within five days he had given me his phone number, and told me he would be traveling for work for a few days, but whenever I was ready, I should feel free to call him.  I was really reluctant to do it, but then I thought to myself, “Well, you didn’t do this to just email the rest of your life!” ” Since I was really nervous about it, I finally thought I had it all figured out, I would call his cell phone while he was on the plane in mid- air, and just leave a message.  Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) I mistimed the call, and to my dismay, he answered!! He was on the jet way boarding his flight!! Needless to say he couldn’t talk long, which was fine by me, I was dying!!! But he sounded so kind.  I don’t remember if I called him back later, or he called me, but we spoke on the phone with 3000 miles separating us.  I think it was a pretty long conversation, but it was just so unhurried and comfortable. I think we spoke every day he was away, and when Bruce got back he said he’d like to get together for a date.  Again I was feeling panicky but had another little conversation with myself, “Wasn’t the whole point of this to meet someone special?”” So we set our first date. 

Now, we live three hours apart, separated by a big body of water (Puget Sound), so we had to plan on using the ferry system to get together.  When the ferry was pulling in to the dock, I saw this guy on shore waving to the ferry, and I thought to myself, “Oh well, he’s not all that attractive to me. “ But as I walked off, the guy went up to this family group that got off before me, and obviously, he wasn’t meeting me! But neither was anyone else!  So, I figured I’d been stood up, checked the ferry schedule, and figured I’d take it back across when it went back in 15 minutes.  There I was in the waiting room, when this guy holding six beautiful coral roses came up, looked in through the window saw me, and I knew it was him. Turned out he had been waiting for me all along, in a slightly different area.

We had a wonderful afternoon, and when it was over, we had a warm gentle kiss goodbye before I got back on the ferry and went home.  Since then, in spite of the distance between us, we have been together almost every weekend and all holidays and other special times, and we have talked on the phone daily with the exception of a few days last winter.   After about a year, I knew I wanted the relationship to go further, but my birthday (November) and Christmas went by, and no ring.  Finally Valentine’s Day came and we were spending the weekend at a lovely B&B.  At the end of the evening we had some gifts for each other, and there was a small box for me, but not small enough to be a ring. But then, he said he had one more thing for me, and reached in his pocket and pulled out this ring, and started to say how wonderful the last year with me had been, and I think he said more, but I don’t remember it all.  He did ask me if my tears and smile were a yes and I said, “Yes!!!!”

We got married this past July with both our families and many friends there, for a very happy occasion. He is everything wonderful to me. He is constant, kind generous, totally honorable,  and very loving and fun!! I cannot imagine how I would have ever found anyone like him on my own.  There are just so many things we have in common, and other things which compliment each other well.  Our values and our temperaments are very similar, and we look forward to many years together.  I don’t think there is any way for me to express in writing the miracle that Bruce has been in my life never knew a man could be so wonderful, and that life could be so wonderful!

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