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Diane and Lyle

San Ramon, CA

After many years of dating off and on Match.com and never really connecting with the right person I turned to eHarmony on the encouragement of a very close friend...and not two weeks after joining I was introduced to Lyle...I have waited a long time to find the right person who shared a lot of similar interests and ways of living life. I am 55 and this will be my first marriage and one to last a lifetime. Not only have you enabled me to met a wonderful man, but there are so many extra bonuses for someone who does not have kids herself (only four-legged ones) but Lyle has two wonderful kids who have embraced me with open arms (in fact his daughter is the reason he turned to eHarmony) and also have two soon to be three wonderful grandkids and instant family!! Thanks for being such a great tool that enables people to meet whose paths would never cross any other way!!

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