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Paula and Bobby

Laguna Park, TX

Dear eHarmony,  

On July 16, 2006 I came across the picture of this lady on the eHarmony website that lived in Waco, TX area. I had been on eHarmony for about three weeks and she has been on for about two weeks. About a week before our profiles were matched up, I had changed my mileage to 120 miles. From Denton to Lake Whitney where she lived was about 120 miles. To me, this was a big sign that we were meant to be. I looked at her picture and though how beautiful she was! I also felt that I met her before somewhere. I told myself, she probably won’t give me the “time of day.” I’ll try to communicate with her but I’ll probably never hear from her. A friend of hers was with her when she saw my picture for the first time. Paula told her friend, “there is just something about him”, he will probably not respond to my questions. She did send the first set of questions and I did respond and we instantly “clicked.” We found out we had so much in common with each other. We both like Daschunds. She has two and I had to sell mine right before we met. We also both like antiques and to country western dance.  

We talked and emailed for three days and then agreed to meet each other in a public place like eHarmony suggested. She and her grandson drove to the Black-Eye-Pea restaurant in Hillsboro TX from Lake Whitney which was about 25 miles and I drove down from Denton TX which was 95 miles away. I was waiting in my Ford pickup and saw her and her grandson drive up in their jeep. They got out of her vehicle and they started walking across the parking lot towards me. I started walking towards them. As we got hear one another I was captivated by her beautiful brown eyes. I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her. I had planned to hug her but it was “love at first sight.” We proceeded into the restaurant and sat down beside each other across the booth from her grandson. We could not take our eyes off each other (Paula… continues story now).  

As I look back on that evening that we were to meet I remember driving to Hillsboro and I told my grandson how nervous I was and he told me a story about what his teacher told him one day when he was about to take a test and he was nervous. The teacher told him, Preston just “Shake off the nerves.” I thought to myself how grown up he had become. When we got out and started walking across the parking lot that came over me when our eyes met for the first time. He did kiss me on the cheek and then he gave me a big long hug. He then told me that I took his breath away and that I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. My grandson at that point said, “See Grammy, I told you that you looked good.” 

We went inside and got a booth and tried to order, but Bobby and I were not hungry, we were so nervous to think about food. Preston began talking to Bobby about baseball and hunting. They were just talking up a storm. In the background there was music playing and the song “At Last” was playing, I asked Bobby if he had ever heard the song and he replied that he thought he had. I asked him if he had ever listened to the words. He said no. For some strange reason this remark came out of my mouth without knowing this person for only a short period of time, “We should make this our song.” After we left the restaurant that night and said our goodbyes my grandson and I were walking to the jeep and he said “Grammy, I believe that Bobby is a keeper and you better not mess this one up!!”  

That was a Tuesday night when we first met and the next time was on the following Saturday. I had to take my grandson home to Austin, TX and go to my granddaughter’s fourth birthday party. We had planned to meet at my house that evening at 7:00. As I was driving home and knowing that we were going to see each other again my heart was racing. My mother that I was very close to and was my best friend died ten years ago with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and I sometimes pray to her for guidance. I asked her to please send me some sign that I could recognize that Bobby was the right person for me. When I got home he arrived about ten minutes later. We were so excited to see one another again. We talked for hours. He at some point said that he needed to tell me something before our relationship went any further. He said he knew when he told me that I would never want to see him again. He then began to tell me that he was a two year cancer survivor and that he had the same cancer that my mother had died with ten years ago. He said I know I am going to lose you but I want you to know that they have come a long way with new treatments since you mother died with it, and that he was a fighter and believed that it would never come back. I then said to him, “Bobby please don’t say another word”, that was my sign from my mother that he was the man that I should spend the rest of my life with.”  

A few weeks later he planned a wonderful three day trip to South Padre Island and he proposed to me on the beach. Of course, I said, “Yes!!” We were married on Saturday on October 7, 2006 in Austin TX in my dad’s backyard. It was a beautiful perfect day; I walked out to our song “At Last.” The minister that married us had been friends with my parents since they were in the fourth grade, therefore he has known what he's wanted to say and wanted to read it at the wedding.  Everyone that day was filled with joy and happiness. It was the most perfect day for each of us and we would like to thank eHarmony for making it possible for us to meet one another. We hope that our story has been a blessing to you because it has been to us and our families. Thank you again.  

Bobby and Paula

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