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Joan and Herb

Alexandria, VA

NEVER SAY NEVER!! Send that final message!!!

Herb Reid and I were matched by eHarmony in June of 2005. He closed communication immediately! However, in September I was "cleaning up" my matches-closed-list and sent him a final message (wish I could find out what I said!!) He asked why I wanted to "re-open our match?" I replied: "... by pursuing my matches I can learn more about others and myself--and maybe make a friend or a partner. So if you're interested..." He replied: "We can continue and see how it goes." We met for lunch on September 20 and the rest is history!

Our engagement was quite a spectacle! We were celebrating Herb's birthday on Nina's Dandy (a riverboat cruise on the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA) on Friday, April 14. He had pre-arranged for us to be called to the dance floor. This was something that was not done but because the crowd that Good Friday night was very light, they agreed. We were introduced and the MC asked me to turn away from Herb because she wanted to see how well I knew him. She asked a couple of questions (I knew the correct answers!) and then asked if I loved him. I said that I did. She said "Then turn around and tell him." When I did, I was surprised to find him on his knees! He had a beautiful speech prepared that closed with "Will you marry me?" I said "Yes!" and the crowd applauded! Champagne flowed!!

We were married on Saturday, September 23 at sunset at his place on the Patuxant River. Since we are both in the "sunsets" of our lives, we thought it was appropriate. For age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress; and as the evening twilight slips away, the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) Thanks eHarmony! We are having the times of our lives and looking forward to many more. Joan

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