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Gail and Dan

Las Vegas, NV

Gail’s Story:

I saw his picture, looked straight into his eyes, read his profile, and felt this is a person I would like to get to know better. We have been together ever since, and have an amazing connection.  We are not only deeply in love thanks to eHarmony, but we have so much in common; thanks to you matching us up.

He lives in Riverside, California and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We were both determined to make this work, and we did after several trips by both of us back and forth.  This relationship was well worth the effort.  As we speak he is starting to pack his belongings, and he will be moving to Las Vegas the middle of summer if not sooner. 

We both do not do the bar scenes and joining eHarmony was the best opportunity for us to meet.  We truly knew each other prior to meeting. We are very much in love, and we thank you eHarmony.  This has been a very pleasant, safe experience.

Dan’s Story:

I had already seen her picture, and liked what I saw. Once again figured she was too far away, and living in the Las Vegas area, she should have plenty of men to choose from, why me? Went out to meet, what a fantastic encounter that was, I was so nervous. I gave her a big hug at our first meeting, which went very well.

I decided to ask her to marry me on 4-15-09, she was speechless for a moment, as I spoke the words to her, and she answered, “YES.” What a wonderful and exciting connection and bond we both share, it is truly amazing to me, and look forward to a long and happy life together. Thank you EHARMONY for both of us.


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