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Dave and Gale

Concord, OH

Our story started with eHarmony, of course. We would never have met if it had not been for your website.

The fascinating thing is that people are really interested in hearing our story. Not the usual "Yeah we heard that one before".  They really want to hear it because it is so unusual that it is working (the dating website idea) it gives them hope.

We agreed to meet for a drink after speaking several times on the phone for many hours each time, draining the batteries on my cell phone, which was the only reason we HAD to hang-up.
We then met for a drink which turned into dinner, which turned into after dinner conversation and closing the place down. We were there for many hours and it went by too quickly. We really did not want the evening to end.

It was love at first sight. Literally. I had heard of it of course as had Gale. But this was real and it took a little while to realize that this is what was happening, for both of us. We had not really known love before and thought we had, but then we met and then we knew that it could happen to us too. But love at first sight was another matter. This was a real shocker and we continually were asking ourselves if this was really real.

Gale is into education. In fact she is a principal at a High School. I am in I.T. To think that a school clown like me would one day marry the principal is really very amazing and funny.

I am the luckiest man I know. She is amazing. The really amazing thing is that she feels the same about me too! We hold hands all of the time, even when we are in the car. Thank you very much eHarmony. Every time your commercial comes on she squeezes my hand. 


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