Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

valentines day gift ideas

Stumped about what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year? Here are a few simple ideas to show you care — and, um, didn’t forget it was Valentine’s. (Seriously. Don’t forget…or look like you did.)

Bonus points: have something — macaroons, hydrangeas, a singing telegram — delivered to your valentine’s work.

Gifts to make.

  • a homemade card
  • a home-cooked meal or fresh-baked cookies
  • a photo book of your relationship so far
  • knitted (by you) mittens

It’s the thought — and effort — that counts, right? Anything made by you is sure to tug at the heartstrings.

(If you opt to make dinner, try to step up your culinary game and leave the grilled cheese for another date night. Unless your girlfriend or boyfriend REALLY LOVES grilled cheese. Then go for it.)

Gifts to enjoy together.

  • a board game
  • a (splurge-worthy) bottle of wine or whiskey
  • cooking classes or dance lessons
  • a weekend getaway or couples’ massage

Give the promise of quality time together for Valentine’s Day. Buy tickets to the symphony, book a day of pampering for two, or splurge on a bottle of vino for your next date night in.

(Note: lingerie is rarely a good gift idea. If you must shop in that department, stick with really nice pajamas. Everyone wants nicer pajamas.)

Gifts that give back.

  • a sheep or goat for a third-world community through World Vision
  • fair-trade chocolates, jewelry or accessories
  • a tree planted in your valentine’s name
  • “adopt” an endangered animal

Be a conscientious giver: shop local, buy brands that donate part of their proceeds to charity, look for fair-trade items, or donate to an important cause in your partner’s name.

Gifts that last.

  • a cactus or succulents (instead of roses)
  • a monthly gift subscription: socks! sausages! beauty products!
  • a membership to the museum, zoo, or art gallery
  • a watch or fine jewelry

Not interested in buying some already-dying flowers this year? Get her a potted plant. A fun subscription service or membership to one of her favourite places makes Valentine’s Day last all year. And if you know he’s been eyeing a certain watch — and it’s in your budget and seems appropriate for how long you’ve been dating — make his year with an unexpected splurge he’ll treasure for a long time.

What are you giving your significant other this Valentine’s Day?