Marriage-Bound? How to Know if Your Relationship is Heading in that Direction

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while. Maybe you’ve even confided in a friend that your significant other might be “the one.”

Here are some signs that your relationship might be headed for the altar.

1. Your values are aligned.

When it comes to the big Fs — faith, family and finances — you see eye-to-eye. You don’t feel like you have to compromise the things that mean the most to you when you’re with your partner. In fact, you feel validated and empowered in those areas when the two of you are together.

2. You can resolve conflict.

You’re not afraid of a fight — because you know you both fight fair and are committed to resolving conflict in a healthy, timely manner. Conflict isn’t a sign of trouble: avoiding it is.

3. There are no red flags.

You have no hesitations or concerns about your partner’s habits or character. Neither do your closest friends or family members.

4. Neither of you are afraid of long-term commitment.

You both respect marriage and want to eventually tie the knot — and have communicated this at various points in your relationship.

5. When you talk about the future, you’re both in it.

His dreams are becoming yours, too — and vice versa. The future isn’t yours vs. his. It belongs to the two of you. You can’t see a future without each other.

6. Logistically, you can happily live in the same place.

If you’re long-distance, you have a plan to bridge that physical gap.

7. You’ve met each other’s families.

And neither of you has any major “family of origin” concerns.

Bonus: everyone likes each other!

8. Your relationship is built on genuine friendship and trust.

You like each other. You really, really do!