Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other’s Parents

’Tis the season to meet the parents! Whether or not you’re new on the scene, it never hurts to arrive at your significant other’s parents’ place with a gift in tow.

Here are some simple gift ideas for your partner’s parents:

Homemade — Or Something From Home

Your parents love homemade gifts, so why wouldn’t his? Give your famous gingerbread or shortbread. Tie a ribbon around a jar of spiced nuts. Crochet a throw blanket, knit dish cloths, or make a quilted potholder.

Or give a gift that says a little about where you’re from: local maple syrup, your family’s favourite board game, or a delicate blown-glass ornament made by your uncle.


You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. (Check with your significant other to make sure no one has any allergies.) If your boyfriend’s mother has a beautiful flower garden, consider giving her a perennial she can plant outdoors in the spring.

Note: If you can, give a vase with the bouquet so the gift-receivers don’t have to scramble to put the flowers in water after you arrive.


Gourmet holiday snacks won’t contribute to clutter — giving knickknacks is never recommended — and will probably be well-appreciated and quickly consumed. Chocolates, peppermint bark, nut trays, cheese and crackers, fair-trade coffee, preserves and a nice bottle of wine or whiskey are all great options.

Entertaining Essentials

They’re hosting you, aren’t they? Give a gift that helps with party-hosting: a wine decanter, cheese knives and board, linen cocktail napkins, barbecue tools, a beautiful serving tray or cake stand. (Bonus points if you arrive with a cake on that cake stand.)

Home Goods

A beautiful candle, picture frame, pottery mug, or coffee table book — relating to a topic you know they’re interested in — are always welcome additions to a home.

A simple, thoughtful gift goes a long way. What would you recommend giving a significant other’s parents for Christmas?


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