Best Halloween Couples’ Costume Ideas

Halloween Couple Ideas

If you and your significant other are still searching for a couple’s Halloween costume idea, look no further. Here are some great (and easy) costumes to consider:

(If you would rather bail on the party this year, throw on a tie and sweatpants and text the host that you’re “the government shutdown of 2013” and won’t be attending.)

Hawaiian Punch: One of you wears a Hawaiian shirt and the other dresses as a boxer.

French Kiss: Paint your faces like the band Kiss. Wear berets and carry baguettes.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Between the two of you, make sure you’re wearing 50 different shades of grey paint chips.

Taco “Belle”: One of you wears a taco costume, the other dons Belle’s yellow gown from Beauty and the Beast. (Or go as a more generic Southern Belle, if you happen to have an old Gone With the Wind costume lying around.)

Reigning cats and dogs: Dress as feline and canine royalty.

A salt and battery: Show up as a salt shaker and battery. See who gets it first.

Hashtag: Dress up as hash browns. Spend the night playing tag.

Two people, one costume:

Box of Nerds: Walk around in a Willy Wonka-approved costume for two. Bonus points if you both wear geeky glasses — taped in the middle, of course — too.

Tetris: With a little cardboard-engineering and two paint colours, create two costume that fit together perfectly.

Crayons: Each of you can be your own crayon, but arrive in the same adult-sized Crayola box.

Famous duos:

These duos are pretty self-explanatory: Tooth and tooth fairy; magician and rabbit; sushi and soy sauce; flower and bumblebee; pizza and delivery man, ‘50s housewife and milkman.

Pop culture:
Bonnie and Clyde. Barbie and Ken. Cookie Monster and a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie. Perhaps the most popular category at Halloween parties, dress as your favourite couple or pop-culture reference. Here are our top picks:

Bert and Mary Poppins: Your call on which Bert you’d like to be — chimney sweep, one-man band, sidewalk chalk artist, or penguin dance partner.

Danny and Sandy from Grease: All you need to nail this classic costume ideas is a leather jacket and slicked back hair for him and a pastel poodle skirt (or off-shoulder top and leather pants) for her. Get ready to lip-sync to “You’re the One That I Want” on the dance floor.

Waldo and Wenda: Red and white striped shirts and hats, blue pants and glasses are all you need. If you get separated at the party, be sure to ask “Where’s Waldo?”

Owen and a Velociraptor: reenact the most famous meme to come out of this summer’s dino-packed blockbuster, Jurassic World.

Katy Perry and Left Shark: For enthusiastic dancers only. (And, yes, “left shark” costumes are available for purchase if you’re not into DIY-ing your own.)

Mad Max and Imperator Furiosa: Show up looking dusty and tough. No smiling allowed. (Bonus points if you create a prosthetic-looking arm for Furiosa.)

Minions: Get out those overalls and goggles. You two will be a hit if kids are at the party.

What’s the best couple’s costume you’ve seen? 


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