10 Things To Know When Dating Someone With A Big Family

dating someone with a big family

Just discovered that your date has a busload of siblings? Or that his family Christmases require the rental of a conference hall? Here are some things you should know about dating someone with a large family:

1. Meeting the family will not be a one-time event. (And everyone will know your name. You need to learn theirs pronto.)

2. Those first introductions will feel more like interrogations than casual meet-and-greets. There are a lot of curious minds to satisfy. Your date has a loyal army in her corner. They need to know you’re a good one.

3. An easy way to be loved: bring food. It will disappear immediately. Related: You will be judged by how much you eat. No dieting at your date’s parents’ place.

4. A big family doesn’t always get along. They can complain about each other. You can’t.

5. Family dinners might feel a little like dinner theatre, with everyone “on”: cracking jokes and talking fast and loud. They’re used to being interrupted and having to fend for themselves, even in conversation. Eventually, they’ll expect you to join in on the fun. (Bring up religion or politics at your own risk.)

6. You’ll likely be dating someone with a lot of patience, tolerance, and who knows how to see the big picture. In a big family, you don’t have the luxury of sweating the small stuff.

7. After meeting all the siblings and cousins, you’ll have an immediate influx of “adds” on social media — even if you’ve only been dating your significant other for a short period of time.

8. Your date has great stories. And your date’s family has even more. Stick around, and you’ll hear every hilarious, embarrassing tale from her childhood.

9. Once you’re in, you’re in. Large families treat everyone they like as family. (And once the family loves you, your significant other will love you even more. There’s nothing better than seeing your family love the one you love.)

10. You’ll have to invite them all to your wedding.