Fran Creffield

relationship specialist

Fran writes on lifestyle, love and relationships for eharmony. She has an MA in creative writing and personal development, trained with Relate for two years in couples counselling and has further certificates in counselling skills and communication. The aim of her work is to help people overcome personal difficulties that are stopping them from living the life they want. Apart from her professional qualifications Fran thinks it is always better to take advice from someone who has had experience rather than just read a book, or got a qualification, on a subject. Fran was the seventh child of parents who had split up, had a baby when she was 18 and became a single parent. She met a new partner and married at 21 and had 2 further children. She divorced when she was 30 and was thereafter single for ten years. She joined a number of different dating sites, went on many dates and realised it was her own lack of self acceptance that was keeping her single. She believes that change is possible but ‘you have to go within or you will go without’- often the challenge isn’t just finding the perfect match but about overcoming fears and insecurities, to make yourself ready to receive the love that is waiting for you. Her job is helping people do that.